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Speech Recognition App

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Smartphones and tablets are well equipped with the latest technology. Now a days the focus is upon creating human interaction with devices. This also includes speech recognition. There are apps that help in recognizing your speech and then converting it to text for your convenience. This comes handy when you are taking oral notes or attempt to quickly record something into text and save it for later viewing. All you need to do is say something aloud while holding the microphone of the device against your mouth and see it being converted to editable text. Let us find out more about such apps.


Evernote has always been the most popular when it comes to notes making and taking down quick notes. However, with the latest version of this app it is well equipped in converting speech to text. This app can be used by iOS as well as Android users for transcribing your speech. There are inbuilt features that enable in pinning the audio to note, images and text. However, you need to work with the app to get familiar with it.

Voice Dictation

Voice Dictation is yet another app that is available for iOS users. This app is available for $1.99 to take notes. On launching this app, you will be greeted with a notebook like lined display. The microphone button is located at the top left in the icon bar. As soon as you press, a warning is displayed that alerts you about the initiation of recording. As soon as you start speaking, the app starts transcribing your words into text. As soon as you stop, you will see the entire text that is editable and can be shared across your contact network within your e-mail account. You can even choose it to copy and paste the text to another app.

The main page of the app is capable of handling a long list of notes that you prepare. The file name includes the first few words that you spoke. For example, you said Dear Darla; these two words will be saved automatically as file name for this note. The note will also contain the date when it was created; this makes it easy to keep a track of which note you created and what day it was created.

This app only offers you with creating notes quickly. Just start dictating wherever you are and record your note without any hassle of fuzzy UI. However, one thing that might irk you is the corrections that you need to do after the recording. You might find some errors in the document created that you need to correct manually.

Inbuilt Notes for iOS

You can use the inbuilt app called Notes if you are an iOS user. This is the standard voice recognition provided by Apple. There are some drawbacks like controls that are not easy to operate, as their size is too small according to fingertips. Other things like limited font options and the yellowish look might tire you soon.

Google too has its app by the name of Keep for the purpose of taking notes.

Additional App

According to online sources, additional app called has been added to Google Play Store. This is useful for Android users. This app adapts to the apps that you already have in your device. This is indeed a refreshing change from static apps that are fixed and are indifferent to any software changes.


These apps come handy if you are used to taking notes, if you are in a hurry to immediately note down something or have a lot to share but are lazy to write it down. Any of the above given speeches are worth a try. Think about using any of the above given app and saving yourself the time to type text and e-mail it. You become productive as now you have more time on your hands to do something more.

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