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Some Useful Tips for Using the Grease Separator

by aquamundus

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Today due to many restrictions and laws all the commercial and food industry are installing grease treatment devices. However, just by installing them the whole problem doesn’t end. Taking regular and proper care of the product and the waste material is also a very important factor that can certainly prevent any kind of hazards to our environment.

Maintenance is also very important to keep the grease traps in perfect working conditions. Regular maintenance can prevent a lot of things from happening that environmental factors and also issues related to working on the septic tank. There are many things that should be considered if you are installing a grease trap and some of them are:

  1. You should always make a point that putting oils and grease down in the drain is considered one of the most awful things for a grease separator  therefore, always try to avoid it.
  2. If you are doing the previously mentioned mistake then is sure the trap will fill quickly, and then you have to clean and maintain it quite regularly. Always try to keep the food waste out of the drainage system and they should be put somewhere else.
  3. Clogs may happen if you are not cleaning the grease treatment  devices properly and regularly. Make sure to empty the grease traps on a regular basis and also check whether each outlet is cleaned properly so that the flow of the water should not be a problem.
  4. It is always suggested to the users to clean the grease traps according to the guidelines of the manufacturer's so that in case of any inconvenience your warranty may not get void.

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