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Tips and Advice on Xian Tour

by anonymous

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Xian is a popular tourist
destination located in China. It boasts an interesting history. It is popular than
most other Chinese cities. The city is well-known for thousands of realistic
statues of the world famous Terracotta warriors. There are also many other
charms and attractions of Xian than the warriors. Therefore, it is recommended to
visit and feel the glory of Xian at least once in a life. This article is about
suggestion and advice on Xian Tour.

Any Xian tour package must include at least the following locations
without charging extra:

The major tourist spot in Xian,
which must be in every tour schedule, is the Terracotta warriors. This site is far
and wide considered as one of the major finds of the 20th century. The museum contains
hefty amount of treasures and relics unearthed from the site.

Another important thing in Xian that
deserves our attention is the so-called Banpo site. In this place a matriarchal
society used to live more than six thousand years back. The men were catching
fishes and the women involved themselves in taking care of their children, cooking
food and creating ceramic objects.

Another must-see tourist destination
in Xian is the Big Wild Goose Pagoda that should be incorporated in your Xian tour. Next to the Pagoda, there is
one of the best conserved city walls of China. It’s really amazing to see over
the city standing on top of the wall.

In Xian tour, you can also find traces of Muslim influencethat bestow
the city an interesting temperament. You can feel the cultural diversity of
this city if you visit the Great Mosque and the surrounding area.

Near the mosque, there is a narrow
street known as Huajue Xiang. Here you can come across copious stalls selling antiques,
arts and crafts. These items are sold here at cheaper cost than in big cities such
as Beijing, but remember quality also can vary.

Xian also servers delicious food for
which it is famous to its travelers. Here you can enjoy the taste of jiaozi, a mouth-watering
dumpling filled with chicken, meat, seafood or veggies. These are not only delicious
but also highly nutritious.

There are shops which offer tourists
the relics at exaggerated costs. In addition drivers and tour guides will possibly
take delivery of a commission from anything you purchase. Please confirm to inquire
about it prior you book any tour, and if you purchase something, try to bargain

So these are the points that need
consideration before you book Xian tour
for a pleasant and exotic travel experience. A China travel agencycan
help you to find the most excellent tour package. Do an internet search to find
the best China travel agency.


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