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There was a time I was twenty eight year old when I was going in Switzerland for business meeting. My trip was seven days we all the business man lives in a hotel all the business man has own separate room. Meeting session was only 3 hours. One day we were going for dance party. I drunk more in night danced with top fewer girls. After some time a girl told me for dance with her I was full on wine then I said ok why not I will dance with you.

She were seeing me very erotically and I was also seeing her body and talking with her keep hand on her soldier and dancing slowly-slowly she said will you stay with us entire night I decided and say where is your room I will come after fresh. She was going with me on my room and closed the door. I was going on bathroom and get fresh it was deep night when I came back she was in only underwear I was totally come in erotic mood my cock going tight she came my side and open underwear and massage it was so tight. Then I opened her underwear she was shemale and then turn back and did inside her ass, then penetrating and fell then pushed her boobs and sleep next day we didn’t understand what happened with me last night.

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