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A Guide To Content Optimization By SEO Company San Francisco

by anonymous

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Everyone wants to see their website ranked on the top in the search engine results; people spend a lot of money, time and effort in order to get this outcome. Many websites also take the help of SEO experts like SEO Company San Francisco to make their website more popular and lucrative. According to many SEO experts one of the most important points that go a long way in building the popularity of your website is having a good copy of the website. Although most websites already have the information of their brochure listed on their website, it is still important to optimize this content and use it effectively so that it grabs the attention of the visitors and make them take a look at you complete website.

It would not be wrong to say that Content optimization is the most important aspects of SEO; it is a skill that takes a lot of experience and hard work. Images are a good way to grab the attention of users but it is still not as effective as strong content. However there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while choosing the best content and its placement for your website.

• Make a list of all the keywords that you would like to use for your website.

• Use these keywords on every webpage of your website other than the homepage.

• Research well and come up with a title for each page, ensure that is title is different and is able to grab eye balls. You can use images and graphics but remember that the most important aspect is the words and not images.

• Do not go overboard in using the keywords on each page. SEO specialists in SEO Company San Francisco suggest you should use them only 2 to 3 times on each page.

• It is a good idea to have separate pages for glossary, FAQ’s and informative articles about the products being sold on your website. This makes your website more user friendly as it helps the visitor to understand the terms being used on your website.

• Make optimum use of the Meta Description tag and choose the content for the description that best describes your products and services in a short and concise manner. It is this description that will determine whether the users would visit your website or not.

• Think like a visitor and keep your content in a manner that would attract you as a user to any website.

• Try to answer all the 5 “W” questions of what, who, where, when and why that a visitor may have when they visit your website. Being proactive and answering these essential questions will make the visitor have an overall good experience of visiting your website.

• Do not insert your keywords in any content or material in your website that is copyrighted.

• Remember to add a title to each page; do not leave any page on your website as “Untitled”.

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