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Choose Secured Or Unsecured Personal Loans

by ambersayon

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If you are holding multiple credit cards, personal loans or
car loans with a higher monthly repayment or a short term loan with higher interest
rate and repayments, we can assist you to consolidate your debts into one
personal loan or mortgage.

Let's face it, we all have a different reason for wanting to consolidate our
debts, the one thing we all have in common is the knowledge of the fact that
debt consolidation loans are the best way to relieve financial pressure
whatever the reason for the decision to consolidate.


For Example, below are different reasons people come to us
for debt consolidation;


Get your debt paid off in the end and escape the debt wheel.


  • · If
    you are consolidating multiple credit cards into a personal loan style
    debt consolidation loan that means you are getting the benefit of
    paying off your debt over a certain period of time (e.g. 3 - 7 years)
    rather than repaying the interest and principal over a 30 year period
    as can often be the case with paying the minimum repayment using credit
    card debt.  This can save thousands in repayments.  The way this
    is actually achieved is generally by obtaining a lower interest rate
    personal loan that your credit card, so the extra money you may have been
    paying in interest is now used to pay off the principal amount of debt
    over a period of time.




  • · If
    you are consolidating a personal loan or a car loan, actually you are refinancing
    your debt to a extended period of time to lower down your repayment. The
    benefit is you will free up some cash to manage your regular expense.




  • · Short
    term loans basically involve higher amount of monthly commitment for a
    short period of time. The higher interest for the loan is also another
    reason for extra monthly repayments. Consolidating sort term loans can
    make your life easy with a lower monthly repayment and better rate..


  • Increase
    your borrowing capacity before applying for personal home loans or other necessary debt.  It's common
    for people who have made purchased many years ago of car's with original
    loan amounts of $30,000 upwards to be paying monthly repayments of $1000
    or more per month, however may only owe say less than $10,000.  When
    applying for a Home loan, the chances are, if your income is not
    substantial for both yourself and partner or if you are single, the bank
    may decline you for the Home loan, since your current monthly commitments
    are too high, even though the car may be due to be repaid over the next 8

Solution:   By re-amortizing the loan over a
longer period (e.g. 3 Years, the monthly repayments of $1,000 per month can be
reduced to approximately $254 per month.  This gives you the ability to
use the extra $746 per month saved towards the home loan, therefore you will be
more likely to meet the "Serviceability requirements" when your home
loan is being assessed.  The great news is, that we also have a mortgage
side to our business with over 36 lenders, therefore we are a one stop shop who
can help you strategies your current debts in order to meet the banks lending
criteria in the end.


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