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Five Things to do While You’re in Paris

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You’re all set and ready to go to Paris. Your bags are packed, your travel documents are ready and you cannot help but to feel giddy and excited. Well, why wouldn’t you? Paris is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and it is home to the best restaurants, shopping districts, art galleries, and museums. Your trip to Paris will surely be a memorable get away. To help you get started on your itinerary list, here are a few suggestions:

• Cocktails at the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is the Statue of Liberty of Paris. This landmark has been the centerpiece of the city’s beauty ever since its construction. To have a truly wonderful night out with your family and friends, you can have cocktails at the Jules Verne, a restaurant located in the tower. For a more affordable choice, you can try Altitude 95. This restaurant is on the second level, enough to provide you with a wonderful view of the Seinne and the cityscape at night.

<b>• Crepes on the street</b>

When you are in Paris vacation apartment rentals, chances are, you will discover more than what you have expected. Explore the streets of Paris while munching on a delicious and freshly-baked crepe. These world-famous crepes are sold all around the city. If you are unsure of what filling to order, you can start with jambon and fromage, which is ham and cheese. For an unconventional choice, you can go for crepes filled with orange liquor or foie de gras.

• Window shopping

Of course, window shopping is more fun when you do it in Paris. The best places to window shop are in the streets of Marais and St. Germain. These areas feature a wide selection of products: from women’s clothing to various ornamental decorations and accessories. When you decide to rent Paris vacation apartments, the money that you have saved can be used to actually buy some trinkets and souvenirs from these shopping districts.

• Mass at the Notre-Dame

If you are a Catholic, then you should not miss the sunset mass at the Notre Dame. The Notre Dame is a historical relic itself, but most people do not know that it is still being used as a Catholic church. Find the time to attend church service here on an afternoon. You will be amazed by the dramatic scene created by the wonderful colors of the setting sun.

• Champagne Testing at the Galeries Lafayette

Paris is known for their expensive and rare wines and spirits. If you are unsure whether costly champagne will be worth the money, then head on over to the Galeries Lafayette, where you can try various champagnes before you actually buy them. The champagne and wine stores are located in the 2nd floor of the Lafayette. While you are in the Galeries Lafayette, you can also browse other items that are offered by the one of the world’s first department store.

Making the decision to rent an apartment in Paris will save you a significant amount of money. This extra cash will enable you to try and enjoy all of the activities listed above without worrying too much about your budget. An apartment in Paris is convenient, affordable, and above all, very comfortable. To be able to get the best options for an apartment in Paris, make sure to plan your trip ahead and be flexible when it comes to rates and schedule changes.

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