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Getting inked with Polynesian Tattoo Designs

by liyo89

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Polynesian tattoos are a world of designs with meanings. They incorporate symbol after symbol after symbol. Polynesian tattoos are a statement of emotions, feelings, status, and personality. A Polynesian tattoo can be a subtle, personal way to express who you are or who you aspire to become. Polynesian tattoos can incorporate more obvious, but also more hidden symbols known only to its bearer.

In ancient times, in some Polynesian Islands, only the men with high ranking or status within a tribe were allowed to tattoo their entire bodies. They used sharp, crafted pieces of turtle shell or fish bone dipped into black dye and tapped the ink into their bodies. Wearing tattoos was honor. Even so, to this day Polynesian Tattoo Designs are a representation of who a person is, what they have accomplished, what’s important in their personal lives, and they should be worn with pride (like The Rock Tattoo is worn with pride!).

The world of Polynesian tribal tattoo is a fascinating one because it always tells a story. Embark on this intriguing and meaningful yet exciting journey that is the creation of your tattoo! Get to know the cultures and legends behind each symbol so you can choose the ones that best fit you.

Find and become familiar with the Dictionary of Polynesian Tattoo Symbols. Learn about the meaning of each Polynesian tattoo design and pattern. The Dictionary also offers a variety of sample designs and patterns which can inspire you with your own creation.

The Dictionary of Polynesian Tattoo Symbols will help you in your selection of designs including Maori tattoo designs (Tatouage Maori). Learn the symbolism of the Polynesian turtle, or the Polynesian sun, or that of the Polynesian shark or Tiki. What are the Polynesian legends and stories behind it all? What does a dolphin, or a butterfly or a Polynesian flower represent? What makes those symbols important to the Polynesian culture? How can you incorporate them into your own tattoo so that they become meaningful to you too; so you can tell about your own life experiences through them? You’ll find the answers to all of these questions and more!

You’ll also find tattoo books with interesting facts about the history of tribal tattoo. Delve into the subject, become inspired and you will see your own tattoo design come to life as if by a natural process.

Not ready for a permanent tattoo yet? Not a problem! Look through the wide selection of temporary Polynesian tattoo designs (Tatouage Polynesien), and become inspired by them.


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