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Maintenance tips for using the grease traps

by mildsteelgreasetraps

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What do you mean by the grease traps?

This is basically a plumbing device which is specifically designed to traps the particles that consist of grease and many other solid substances from entering the septic system. In case the grease enters the sewerage system, then it is sure to make a lot of stir possibilities of the formation of congeal and a solid mass. It is possible that the solid masses may cause the commercial drain backups, clogs and also sometimes burst pipes.

Fat traps are employed mostly in the restaurants and other facilities where there is a possibility of grease. It make sure that the grease and other solid substances don’t get pass the trap before the safety tank.  

Maintenance tips:

Even if you have installed the traps in your kitchen make sure not to put oil and grease down the drains because it can be one worst thing for the fat traps. This habit will ensure the trap don’t fill quickly otherwise you have to clean and maintain it more frequently. We should check that the food products or waste should not enter the drainage system instead make a separate disposal of those wastes.

The grease traps should be cleaned regularly to avoid any kind of clogging and problems inside the septic tank or in our plumbing system. You may experience clogs in the ingoing line, outgoing line, and the crossover pipe, however; all these are not all due to the grease trap being full there can be other reasons for sure.

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