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How To Write Quality SEO Articles



What is SEO? Knowing what is SEO is very important if you want to write SEO articles online. The articles written must be visible online for them to have any effect. This means you have to optimize your content well enough to be captured by the search engine. This is why it is called search engine optimization (SEO). In order to do that effectively, you need knowledge on keyword optimization.



There are millions of texts and articles online dealing with the same content you are writing on. The challenge you have is to be among the best if not the best for the content to be visible. Remember, the search engines pick only the finest and keyword enriched articles for the top pages. Your goal is to be among the best articles in the first page of search results. In order to achieve that, you have to write fast and write high quality articles.

Tips for writing quality SEO articles



Keyword research


Have you done thorough keyword research on the article title? It is the keyword that the search engine uses to find your article. Therefore, the choice should be made carefully. For reliability, write down five keywords to be used in the article. The keyword density should be within permitted number to avoid spamming your work. This should be at least 1% and not more than 2% in the article. Keyword should be present in the title, first paragraph, article body and last paragraph. It should also be uniformly distributed in the whole article. You can use thesaurus to find common keywords to use.



Article topic


This should be short and clear. It should be very attractive to capture the attention of the reader. The topic, if possible should be well researched upfront. List down at least five titles before you begin writing. Carefully formulate and pick the most suitable title for the SEO article.



Article body


The article body should be full of information. The introductory paragraph tells a lot about the article content. Make sure it is welcoming. If possible give welcoming background information first before you start going into details. This can be through explaining the keyword first. Thoroughly research the content before writing. Use legible and friendly tone.



Be very creative and informative. The article therefore should not sound too academic, but should be enticing to the reader and interesting. More importantly, ensure the keyword fits in well with the content. It should not sound like it is being forced. The important thing about SEO is that you optimize the content for the reader. This means you are flirting or seducing the reader. If the reader does not feel you, then you lose out it's that simple.





Summarize your article by briefly mentioning the article content and way forward. There should be a relationship between the body and summary and the first paragraph. Summary is the last paragraph, therefore the keyword should also appear there.



Finally, remember to cross-check your work for any grammatical errors. Do final editing. It is recommended that you read the SEO article twice for better results. This will help you capture the errors you did not identify previously. After that you can submit your article.



All web design Orlando companies are developed because they have a objective behind them. Fortunately, these days there is a lot of help available and if you are in Holiday, you will find a number of SEO Orlando companies to whom you can turn for support. So make the most of the scenario and get your web page the reputation it should get.

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