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How to Make Your Hot Tub Experience Unique

by jacuzziontario

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It’s all about the special additions your Jacuzzi® hot tub has that will help you achieve a unique hot tub experience. There are lots of themes that can be created by using various hot tub supplies and Jacuzzi parts.

How to create a sustainable, environmentally friendly theme:

Creating a sustainable theme means that you are designing your hot tub with low consumption. This theme can be created for new and used hot tubs. Some of the features that can achieve this theme if your hot tub is already installed are a ProEndure Cover and LED Lights. The ProEndure cover is designed with Sunbrella™ material, this material lasts longer than regular covers which are usually made from vinyl. This cover achieves what is needed most, which is keeping in the heat. As for LED lights, these lights last longer and save you money compared to incandescent bulbs. They achieve this by producing increased light per watt.


If you are looking to purchase a new Jacuzzi hot tub, there are additional options during the installation of the hot tub that can achieve even lower energy consumption. Such as, full foam installation, energy saving immersion heating and controlling features that customize your personal use, read more on these features.

The ultimate clean and clear water theme:

This theme can be achieved by using the ClearRay™ water purification system. This system is great for individuals that experience itchy skin or eye irritation when using a Jacuzzi hot tub. This system operates using UV technology. It is easy to use and cost efficient, the control panel will let you know when it is time to change the ClearRay™ bulb. This system will help you achieve the ultimate clean theme. The water that this system produces can be compared to water that is used for bottling beverages, food preparation, and medical purposes, read more about ClearRay™.


The lavish, luxurious theme:

This theme would be for individuals in the market for a new Jacuzzi hot tub. When looking for a new Jacuzzi hot tub it is easy to view them all as luxurious products. However, the Jacuzzi 375 offers the most lavish features that will create a divine hot tub experience. These features begin at the foundation with the ProPolymer foundation which allows the hot tub to withstand ultimate temperatures, both hot and cold. Other features that create this lavish feel is the full body massage lounge seats, 46 hydrotherapy jets, LED lights and the four FX10 Therapy seats. This Jacuzzi hot tub can take away all your stress and can seat up to 6 people, enough room for the whole family to relax.


Jacuzzi Ontario provides high performance and innovative products across Ontario. Jacuzzi Ontario offers locations across the greater Toronto area including Barrie, Burlington, Collingwood, Hamilton, Kitchener, Mississauga, Muskoka and Oakville. Our products allow consumers to achieve a better state of mind and body by helping individuals feel refreshed and relaxed.

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