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Customized dog tags- For style and identification

by anonymous

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Gone are the days when dog tags were constricted to military person and army men. In modern world, they are extensively used by folks as identification lanyards. They got this name owing to their resemblance to the licensing disks that were initially worn by dogs. With the advancement in technology, digital printing is widely employed for embossing these ID marks. The popularity of the dog tags can be clearly visualized from the mounting number of websites dealing in imprinted lanyards.

Utility of dog tags-

Business promotion
Be it small home based firm or a multinational corporation, brand promotion is an imperative facet of every business. Entrepreneurs seek for innovative ideas to market their products so as to survive cut throat competition. In contemporary era, embossed tags are practical, ornamental and entertaining solution for achieving lucrative sales. In order to stand out from the crowd, it has become vital to think ingeniously.

In present day and age, several aesthetically pleasing adornments are employed as promotional gift items. Lanyards, pens, key chains, high lighters and other customized accessories with imprinted brand name or company’s logo are radical tools for advertisement. For businesses having a spanking new set up, personalized gifts are effective means of achieving market recognition.

Identification of belongings
The staple use of dog tags is to identify your goods in pile of similar materials. Moreover these tags are highly resilient and durable, thus it safeguards your stuff from purloin or pilfer. While travelling the luggage should bear an ID tag entailing your name, address, contact information, branch of service etc. At crowded placed, apprehensive parents place these imprinted dog tags around the neck of their kids. This will keep them safe in case they get misplaced.

Pet recognition:
Most of the pet owners adorn their dogs with exquisite ID tags. These lanyards are attached to the collars and protect the naughty dog from getting lost in jam- packed premises. Even if he gets misplaced, some other passerby can read the imprint and carry him back to you.

Voguish ornament:
In contemporary age, customized dog tags are widely preferred by men owing to its astounding looks and resilience. These adornments can be attached to your bag, purse, camera etc so as to exhibit your exclusive style and elitism.

Personalized gift item:
If you are planning to organize an event or a reunion, these lanyards are an excellent souvenir keepsake for your crew members. Even for wedding, key chains or dog tags with name and picture of the couple can be an immaculate favor for the guests. Specific quotes apt for your theme can be embossed to impress your guests with the personalized touch.

For fundraiser party or charity event, these dog tags can be purchased at wholesale prices and then sold accordingly to earn lucrative money for the noble cause. Owing to the rage and ongoing fashion, loads of tags will be sold thereby making handsome profit for the donations.

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