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Treatment Process for Tooth Implant

by suncitydental

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Loss of teeth due to periodontal disease or an injury does become a matter of concern. It not only causes problems in biting and chewing food but also affects the beauty of a smile especially where a front tooth is missing. With advanced procedures for cosmetic dentistry Arizona it is now possible to get beautiful new teeth instead of settling for conventional, removable bridges and dentures. A tooth implant treatment is the new solution for those gaps caused by missing teeth.  A single tooth, multiple teeth or the entire set of teeth can be replaced by the tooth implant technology in Arizona.


The titanium roots for teeth are strong, reliable and offer a good foundation for single crowns, larger bridges or prosthesis. Just about any healthy adult can go for a tooth implant treatment. Here’s what the treatment entails:


Consultation with the dentist and planning for the procedure


A thorough examination of the condition of your teeth and jawbone is the first stage of a tooth or dental implant treatment. Your dentist will prepare a specialized plan for your case and will explain the procedures and cost involved in detail. He also takes an X-ray and creates models of existing teeth to determine the method for placing the implants. In a candid discussion with the dentist, you should also reveal your health problems, if any and inform him about the medications you might be on.


Bone grafting if required


If your jaw lacks sufficient bone to hold titanium implants, it may call for bone augmentation or grafting. This can be done using part of your bone, bone substitute or a blend of the two. However, if the dentist uses the All-on-four implants technique for your case, you may not need bone grafting at all.


Insertion of tooth implants


The placing of a tooth implant is an outpatient procedure. The meticulously prepared titanium implant is placed in the jaw with minimum discomfort to the patient. The dentist uses local anesthesia and IV sedation to numb the area before starting the procedure.


Generally the implant procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes, as per the amount of work required and number of teeth to be replaced with implants. The dentist also places a temporary abutment over the implant until the healing phase is complete.


Healing process


The gum heals within a few days. Once the implant heals and fits into the jaw, a custom made crown is fixed on to the implant. These look and function like natural, healthy teeth.


With regular brushing at least twice a day (after meals) and flossing, you can take good care of your tooth implants. Unlike dentures, implants need not be removed and last for years. A tooth implant is indeed the next best thing to a natural tooth. If loss of teeth is causing you embarrassment, you can go for this cosmetic dentistry treatment in Arizona and enjoy the functional and aesthetic benefits of the advanced dental implants technology.

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