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Significant Information on Getting Dental Implants in Denver

by tedgrimmer

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Getting dental implants in Denver necessitates a series of one or more procedures. For patients who desire the best end results, selecting a dental practice that focuses on cosmetic dentistry research and technology can be a good option. Since dental implant surgery is an invasive and elaborate procedure, it's not uncommon for some clients to feel tense just thinking about it. To dispel any worries you may have, it helps to know what exactly you're entering into.

The first assessment

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium that work as strong and long-lasting foundations for replacement teeth and bridges. To determine if you're a fit candidate for dental implant surgical procedure, the dentist must first perform a thorough analysis of your dental condition. Among other things, you have to have healthy gums and sufficient bone mass in your jaw to hold the implants. Since dental extraction may be necessary, you also need to be in good general health.

The first meeting

Upon qualifying for the treatment, you must take an orthopantomograph (OPT), which is a radiographic system that utilizes 3 axes of rotation to get a panoramic radiograph of one's dental arches and the related structures. Consequently, the dentist can continue to the first stage of the method that involves piercing a gap with your jaw bone where the dental implant screw will be added in place. A recovering abutment or a covering screw will then be installed on the implant.


Titanium is a metal that naturally fuses with the jawbone. This method, generally referred to as osseointegration, may take anywhere from two to six months. Throughout this period of time, a dentist may require you to go through additional radiograph tests so he can keep track of the condition of your implant and jawbone.

Crown placing

After osseointegration is complete, your dentist will then take out the abutment or covering screw. Temporary crowns will be put until the permanent crowns can be attached to the implants. Routine appointments to a dentist in Denver will still be needed after this period.

When the surgical procedure is finished, you'll soon reap the different advantages of dental implants. With proper routine maintenance and constant appointments to the dentist, you can enjoy lifetime use of your dental implants. To find out more, go to

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