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Go For Classy, Not Gaudy, With Your Smartphone Lighting Cont

by xkglow

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When car owners see another vehicle using a smartphone lighting control, they often decide they have to have one as well. The interesting thing is, they know they want the look of the other car, they just do not always remember exactly what it was. This results in many people installing their LED light system in a way that may look all right initially, but after a while, begins to look gaudy. There are several ways to get the beautiful effects of LED lighting systems that keep the classy looks of your car.


An important idea is to work with the suggested placements available from the smartphone lighting control system manufacturer. They will often have ideas that match your particular vehicle and the look you are trying to achieve. Chances are, they will have the instructions that will help you match the look of the car you originally saw.


The second thing is to avoid placing the lights in a way that compete with the headlights or taillights. One popular installation for LED lights involves putting a chaser strip around the back license plate. Although this is certainly eye-catching, and will look cool initially, after a while, you will realize it makes your car look like some cheap billboard. The reason it does this is that the headlights and the taillights are the main lights of the car, and additional lights look best when they are subtle additions.


Another thing is to make sure the eternal LED lights are not placed in a way that either they or the portions of the car they illuminate are visible from inside the car. If they are, they will be irritating to the passengers. In particular, they can pose a distraction hazard for the driver.


Some of the most effective lighting works by creating subtle illumination either inside the vehicle or directly underneath. Sticking to versions of this pattern or other standard patterns can help keep your design classy. When you place the LED strips, instead of focusing on the lights, focus on the illumination they provide. This is the right mindset. Some of the best illumination patterns are made without the lights visible, just the illumination. Use the lights to "paint" strips of light underneath and alongside the car.


Proper light placement will help you as you use your smartphone lighting control to make lighting changes. With the lights in proper position, you are ready to change colors and add strobe effects, knowing that it will always look good because the base placement of the lights is good.


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