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Hyde Park is one of London’s best loved locations

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Tucked neatly between Paddington and Notting Hill, Bayswater has long been seen as a bit of an oddity. Lacking the incredible luxury of Kensington, it’s never quite managed to pull off the incredible residential appeal that draws in the rich and the famous. Even so, it’s just a little too pricey for those looking for Zone 1 on a budget. The effect is an odd one, because it means that an area with many of the perks of Bloomsbury is sitting unappreciated for all of it’s brilliance. There have been signs of change though: properties in the area are being snapped up at a remarkable rate as more and more young professionals move into the area. Finally, people have begun to realise that there’s more to the area than the gorgeous local Bayswater escorts.

Ironically, this may actually come to have a detrimental effect. If the area’s rise is recognised by those in the real estate market, it’s quite possible that it may end up being little more than a succession of “investments”. The appeal at the moment is the amazing location combined with the sensible pricing. If prices go up, there is a good chance that Bayswater will again fall between the cracks between luxury and comfortable.

It would be a terrible shame because the area has so much to offer. Gentlemen of any age will surely appreciated the aforementioned Bayswater escorts, but its the fantastic, almost suburban qualities of the area that really sets it apart. There are a number of beautiful squares nearby, each one of them perfect for a bit of peace and relaxation away from the smoke of the city. They have long inspired the capital’s many poets and artists with their tranquility, but none can compare to the sheer splendour of Hyde park. A short walk away, the rolling expanse of greenery is one of London’s favourite locations, a place where all sorts of people come together. There are few places that are looked on so affectionately by out of towners, Londoners and tourists but come sun and shine, Hyde park is beloved. In the winter, when all the snow and the rain is causing countless travel delays and disruption, many go there to relax and unwind, to let go of the commuting nightmare for an hour or two. In the summer, anyone living in Bayswater may happily pack a little picnic and wander down for an afternoon of utter relaxation under the sun. What more can a man ask for in life?

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