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Deii Case

by bushrefrigeration

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Try imagining a day in your life without a refrigerator. I bet you can’t. Refrigeration technology has changed our lives and now it’s impossible to live without refrigerators even for a day. Without refrigeration technology there can be no deli cases in the stores to keep your favorite foodstuff chilled and fresh for you to buy. Bush Refrigeration deli cases are as much part of our lives as domestic refrigerators.  Bush Refrigeration deli cases are a huge contrast from mere insulated coolers of yesteryears. Earlier people used things like salt to preserve the meat while transporting it in a box car from farm to the retail stores. This failed miserably as the huge quantities of meat used to rot well before reaching the retail stores. Then somebody came with an idea of ice car. This was same as box car but the product was kept in with ice to preserve it for longer time. This was successful to some extent. Eventually someone came with the idea of a deli case which uses refrigeration to preserve the meat and, as they say, rest is history.  Bush Refrigeration deli cases use refrigeration technology with an extremely high cooling capacity. A deli case  is strictly for a commercial use due to its large size. These are also very powerful as compared to a home refrigerator and consume lot of electricity. More power and fast cooling make deli cases more suitable for commercial use.  In stores, eatables need to kept cooler for longer hours to extend shelf life to the products. Bush Refrigeration deli cases do precisely that. To save the non vegetarian stuff like meat, chicken, fish, turkey and hamburgers from going bad deli cases are used extensively in stores. Bush Refrigeration deli cases play a vital role in boosting the sales of soft drinks, juices, etc. as you need to keep them chilled. No one ever buys a warm soft drink.  Apart from non vegetarian food stuff and cold drinks, stores use Bush Refrigeration

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