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Know The Ways To Extend Your Battery Life

by amitsachdeva

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Do you know the mobile battery that you are using what it is made of and how its life can be prolonged? Cell phone battery is one of the major elements that are considered before buying any mobile phone because it is so irritating to see your cell phone dying when you are in the middle of an urgent call. Even it seems more frustrating when you have no charger nearby and your phone's battery is continuously exhausting.

Generally mobile phone batteries are made up of Lithium-ion and they are compact and light weight. Even they have superior recharge rate as well because at every recharge they reclaim their entire energy. The core of the battery is made up of lithium-ion cell constructed like a traditional battery but from different materials. They can be square or cylindrical shaped and are coated with a metal so that chemical components inside cannot leak out or get mix with other elements. Battery case usually contains a hole that helps in releasing the heat when the battery gets too hot. Sometimes battery is also equipped with various types of monitors that recharge the battery more quickly and effectively.

Lithium-ion technology is the latest technology used in manufacturing mobile phone batteries. This technology is super effectual and even it helps batteries in getting charged rapidly. Luminous Mobile Accessories also manufacture batteries using this advanced technology. This is the most eco-friendly technique that doesn't contain any polluting matter like mercury, cadmium, etc. Luminous develops batteries by the name of LivLife and Xceed which are efficient than the original ones and are completely eco-friendly. Not only the phone batteries developed by luminous delivers the excellent back-up solution; even the cell phone chargers produced by this company offer proper convenience. There is a wide range of travel and multi car charger that are designed specifically to fulfill the user needs.

Other than effective battery there are millions of other ways that can extend your phone's battery life. Such as battery of the new phone must be fully charged before the use for the first time, avoid fully discharging lithium batteries, try to keep them cool and if not in use then store them properly. Even the life of the charged battery can be improved by increasing the timing between your charges, turning off your phone or putting it on power saving mode when not in use, by turning off the phone's back light feature and by adopting many other relevant power saving measures.

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