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Be Well-Informed When You Buy A Diamond In Canada

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While buying a diamond in Canada, you can end up buying the real Canadian
diamonds that are not conflict diamonds, or buying those imported from
other countries. Conflict diamonds certify the promotion of unlawful
operations. When you plan to buy a diamond in Canada, there are certain
instructions to follow.

Look for the Brilliance, Grade and Authenticity


The four C’s applicable while buying
any diamond apply while buying diamonds in Canada. Carat, Clarity, cut
and color determines the grade of a diamond. In addition, the
certificate also matters. All the four C’s have its own importance in
contributing to the diamond’s value. Yet, while you buy a diamond in
Canada, buy one from a Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct’s member to
ascertain the diamond you purchase is from a socially responsible mine
and that it is conflict-free. The code is like a certificate of
authenticity given to the consumer. For further assurance, deal with a
supplier that adheres to Kimberley Process and System of Warranties
assuring the diamonds are legitimately mined and comply with the United
Nations Resolutions.


Selling the Expensive Stone


If you plan to sell a diamond in Toronto
or any other part of Canada,the certificate is of much importance as it
certifies the brilliance of the diamond along with the verification of
the origin of the stone. Most original Canadian diamonds are sold
through the CDCC code members to assure of its authenticity. You can
even find diamonds that have the Canadian flag inscribed onto them
using laser. Such diamonds possess a unique serial number for
verification. Some have a Diamond Identification Number to identify the
stone’s grade and to verify its origin.


Before Making the Purchase


Remember, buying diamonds is not as
easy as you buy gold in Canada. You might find original Canadian
diamonds expensive. Yet they are worth the money you spend. The reason
being the stones are mined in a much responsible way, not promoting
slavery or other illegal operations. If you are serious about buying
one, make price comparisons after checking with a few dealers. Buy the
one that you are most impressed with considering the four C’s,
certificate and the price. It is important to understand that you are
not paying for a small or large piece of sparkling stone while buying a
diamond. From carat and clarity to color and cut, everything must be
strictly considered even if it is a small investment. It is better to
be well informed to prevent being duped when you buy or sell a diamond
in Toronto.


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