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How to Clear Clogged Arteries and Relieve Poor Leg Circulati

by aliciadiaz1985

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Poor leg circulation can be caused by a number of conditions, including heart disease and diabetes. Herbs can naturally relieve this disorder.

Poor leg circulation primarily develops as a result of peripheral vascular disease and other disorders of the circulatory system. Often, this disease surfaces as increasing amounts of fatty substances build up forming plaque along walls of the peripheral arteries. This build-up makes it more difficult for proper circulation to be sustained. Additionally, there are many conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke and high blood pressure known to negatively affect blood circulation in the legs. Treatment of this condition ranges from the prescription and over-the-counter medicines, the application of medicated creams, and the integration of exercise. Sadly, in many extreme scenarios, treatment includes various surgeries, such as peripheral artery bypass to clear clogged arteries. Using herbs may also help in clearing clogged arteries resulting from poor circulation in one’s legs. Some herbs like bilberry, cayenne, and ginger are very effective and can help to improve circulation in one’s body while providing some relief for clogged arteries.

Bilberry, another great example, helps to increase circulation throughout clogged blood vessels in addition to inhibiting bacterial growth in cells. In some cases, this herbal supplement may be prescribed as a natural remedy to venous insufficiency. This is a disorder wherein veins are not sufficient in circulating blood back from the legs to one’s heart.

Cayenne has long been associated with helping to promote good circulation of the blood throughout the body. This spice heals and cleanses various internal organs, enabling them to function better while also increasing medicinal effects in combination with other herbs.

Ginger is often praised for its healing abilities. This herb is comprised of many beneficial components; including amino acids and minerals. Together, these elements assist in reducing and preventing build-up of arterial plaque, further improving one’s vascular health. It’s also well known that Ginger slows down blood clotting, which may also help in lowering cholesterol.

All of these beneficial herbs are included in Heart and Body Extract’s formula. This 100% organic supplement has positively affected many individuals seeking treatment for a wide range of disorders; including poor leg circulation, heart disease, diabetes, and increased blood sugar. The supplement provides support for a strong, healthy heart through clearing clogged arteries while potentially improving blood circulation. In addition to these improvements, Heart and Body Extract helps to promote a sharper memory, better heartbeat, and increased energy and overall stamina. People that wish to clear clogged arteries may wish to consider trying Heart and Body Extract. Learn more about this natural treatment at


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