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Shocking Statistic on Multiple Tooth Fixing

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Dentists will always give you a telling off for drinking too many fizzy drinks, eating too many sweets and overall, having a lot of sugar in our diets. If a dentist put chocolate or sweets in front of you along with a packet of crisps and a box of raisins, and asked what is worse for your teeth, your gut instinct would be the chocolate and sweets. Wrong. Shockingly it would be the crisps and raisins. Too much sugar is bad not only for our teeth but our general well being. However it isn’t sugar that rots your teeth, it is the bacteria known as streptococcus mutans, in other words, starch. It is a type of acid that eats away at enamel that can cause serious problems and eventually lead to tooth loss.

The bacteria found in our mouths don’t just thrive off sugar, they love getting stuck into carbohydrates. Shockingly, a hard fact to get your head around is that eating a portion of chips instead of drinking a can of diet coke is actually worse for your teeth. Sugars dissolve quickly in your saliva but potato starch produces more acid that clings to teeth longer. For those who have a carb-filled diet, you may avoid sugary sweets and fizzy drinks but don’t be fooled, your teeth are still suffering if you don’t ensure you give them a good clean after each meal. Tooth decay is the most widespread human disease in the world but with thanks to the dentists in London, multiple tooth fixing is available if your teeth have become worse for wear over the years. Post treatment, it is important to remember what foods are going to be part of your diet. It is probably best to cut down on certain foods in order to prevent the same problem coming back to haunt you.

The stigma attached to fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate will never die. There has been word on the street that, for example, an iron nail will dissolve in a bottle of Pepsi in a couple of days. This statistic is rather shocking and many may believe there is a high demand in multiple tooth fixing, but whilst it is important not to indulge in these foods too often, we must remember it is all aspects of our diet that can cause the bad bacteria in our mouths to feed on the acids, that then causes tooth decay and tooth loss. You’ll find the natural gases and acids in our stomach that break down our food are more powerful than a bottle of coke.

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