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Benefits of Metalized Polyester Labels for UID Applications

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There are large numbers of companies striving to meet compliance standards for various Defense industry applications. Often, the required specifications demand that a majority of parts or product identification be provided with technologies and substrates strong enough to remain durable, despite harsh environmental conditions.

Nearly all products and parts sold to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) require UID labeling for contract acceptance. Failure to comply with existing standards may result in the loss of a contract long-term. Understanding the logistics of asset tracking and product identification are a necessary foundation for successful MIL-STD-130 ventures.

Overall, there are many suitable substrates for MIL-STD-130 labeling applications. Metalized polyester labels are a preferred substrate for meeting stringent DoD compliance. These labels are often very durable and versatile – enabling printing of required information with a full range of printing technologies. Often these labels are available in an array of shapes and sizes to best fit applicable products and parts. They are silver in color with a strong and permanent, acrylic adhesive.

Metalized polyester labels accommodate a variety of barcode symbologies and printing methods for inventory control, asset tracking, and MIL-STD-130 applications. Often, these labels are well protected with a clear overlaminate coating to ensure identification remains legible and easy to read and scan – no matter the environment. Additionally, these labels are made to withstand harsh conditions providing product labeling that stands up to high temperatures, solvents, chemicals, abrasions, and more. These labels are also durable enough to weather extreme outdoor environments.

Today’s MIL-STD-130 labeling requirements are well satisfied by leading job shops, such as Jet City Laser, Inc. This company is a preferred supplier of UID labels and nameplates throughout the aerospace, military, and asset management fields. They provide MIL-STD-130 compliant nameplates, labels, and tags made of a wide range of substrate materials.

If you’re searching for solutions to your UID labeling needs, consider Jet City Laser for your UID applications and so much more. Their wide range of marking technologies – including multiple lasers provides full capability for an endless array of products. Whether you’re a small shop or a Fortune 100 company, this manufacturer’s experience and versatility will help you to achieve compliance with ATA Spec 2000, MIL-STD-130, and other challenging standards. Visit them online at for complete information on their comprehensive line of products and services for direct part marking as well as nameplates, labels, and tags.


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