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The Value of Logos to Shops for Auto Repair in Lansing MI

by basilglenn

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Nothing is more vital to Lansing auto owners than oil change and auto repair in Lansing MI dealerships. Every 6,000 miles or so, the old motor oil is drained to make way for new motor oil to make your auto functional for another 6,000 miles. For synthetic motor oil, the mileage cap could be even greater because synthetics last longer. Remember that auto repair should only be executed by certified professionals.

However, with many motor oils in use today, and the numerous scores given to them, selecting the appropriate one could be more difficult than you think. This is why the American Petroleum Institute (API) took the liberty of posting two types of logo designs on the motor oil it certifies for safe use. Look at the API starburst and donut symbols on the tag to obtain even more information about the oil you plan to utilize for your treasured Lexus or Toyota. Here's a more detailed look at these two logo designs.

The starburst logo, the one with the dozens of barbed points surrounding the circle, is the API's seal of approval for utilization on a particular sort of engine. The logo itself is self-explanatory, since it specifies the sort of engine the oil is created for in the middle of or inside the starburst. The donut, which is the more complicated emblem, includes more detailed data like oil viscosity.

Within the donut is the motor oil score as per the basic score system used by the Society of American Engineers (SAE). Lansing MI automobile repair shops recognize SAE on oil since the group grades them via screening. The higher the SAE rating of the motor oil is, the higher its viscosity or density.

A basic SAE rating specifies the temperature the oil would stream under cool (left number) and warm (right number) conditions. For instance, motor oil with the SAE rating 10W-50 implies the oil may flow between 100 below zero to 500 above zero. This functions as an excellent primer for picking motor oils.

For more information on motor oils, you may check out the article at or get in touch with a service center when you bring in your vehicle for quality auto repair in Lansing MI. Make sure you do not pour the wrong motor oil in your car's engine.

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