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Deep Knowledge about Bottle Mould Process in the Manufacturi

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The plastic bottle we see in market is usually manufactured by two ways: injection molding and blowing molding. Thus there are also two kinds of bottle mould: PET preform mold and blowing mold.

For the first way, you need to buy bottle moulds to produce bottle preforms. PET plastic material is usually used in this case. So we call this kind of bottle mold as PET preform mold. Then we put PET bottle preforms into bottle blowing mould to blow PET preform to bottles. So for this bottle forming way, a bottle blowing mold is also needed. For this way, the machine should be PET injection machine first, and then bottle blowing machine.

Usually water bottle, cola bottle, juice bottle, jars are made by this way. Sometimes PP nursing bottle is also manufactured by this way. The advantage of injection molding way is almost no waste of plastic material, uniform wall-thickness and beautiful appearance.

The second way is to blow bottle directly from plastic material. HDPE is the most common plastic used in this case. And sometimes PC is also used for 5 gallon bottle. For this way, we only need a blowing mold, no PET preform mold and the machine should be blowing molding machine. Usually oil can, shampoo bottle, etc are made by this way. The disadvantages of blowing molding way are uneven wall thickness, obvious parting line, and a lot of waste plastic material. Compared with injection molding way, blowing molding way relatively cost less.

Sino is a specialist in offering packing mold, including bottle mold, cap mold and IML mold. For bottle mold making, both in PET preform bottle mold, PET bottle blowing mold and directly blowing mold.

For PET preform bottle mold, we can make mold for 330ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 1.5L, 2 L or any other volume you need. As the bottle mold cavity, we can usually make 12 cavity,16 cavity,24 cavity,32 cavity,48 cavity, 64 cavity, 96 cavity, 120 cavity,144 cavity or other cavity number you require. And the bottle screw diameter can be 28mm, 30mm, or any other. We also offer bottle blowing moulds to blow these preforms to any shape you need.

For the directly blowing molding way, we can make mould for oil bottle, shampoo bottle, chewing gum bottle, money-box mold, and cosmetic container mold, etc..

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