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Easy Steps to Mount Motorcycle Tires

by Charityk

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Changing a Motorcycle tire can seem difficult to an average rider, since they are not certain of the procedures to be followed. Mounting tires on a rim is as simple as learning how to ride a motorcycle. With concentration, you can mount a motorcycle tire back on the rim. All you need are the right tools and manufacturer’s instructions.  This article will explain how to mount motorcycle tires and help you reduce the expenses of taking your bike to the mechanic.

Tools Needed:

The tools used when mounting motorcycle tires include: Tires, Lubrication, Tire iron, Air compressor, Valve core wrench, Bead breaking clamp, tire irons, inflation strap.

Tip:  Before mounting the tires, remove the ones which were already on your bike. Follow the instructions below;  

Pre-Mounting Steps (Removing Tire)

Step1: Unscrew the valve stem’s core in order to deflate the tire, using valve core wrench tool.

Step 2: Break the tire’s bead or seal against the rim, using a bead breaker or a gluing clamp. Press the tire away from the upper lip of the rim to create a gap.

Step 3: Insert one tire iron into the gap at a 10 o’clock position and another at a 2 o’clock position. Then roll the bead over the edge of the rim.

Step 4: Pull the tire irons toward the center of the rim to lift a portion of the tire over the rim’s upper lip. Then release one of the tire irons and move it further along the rim. Once released, repeat the process until the entire upper and bottom half of the tire has been freed from the rim.

Mounting Tires

Step 1: Spray the upper lip of the rim with mounting fluid. Lay the new tire over the rim and press down to seat as much of the tire as possible. Determine the correct rotation of the tire by finding the arrows marking on the tire that indicate which way the tire should rotate.

Step 2: Hook a tire iron around the rim’s upper lip. Push the tire iron away from the rim lip and pull the tire onto the rim while edging it down over the lip on both sides. Move the tire iron further along the rim and repeat until the bottom half of the tire is seated on the wheel.

Step 3: Push down on the upper half of the tire to bring it closer to the wheel’s upper lip. Hook a tire iron around the rim’s upper lip. Press the tire iron away from the wheel to pull the tire onto the rim. Next move the tire iron further along the wheel and repeat the procedure until the tire is completely seated on the rim.

Step 4: Rotate the tire on the wheel until the white dot on the tire’s sidewall is lined up with the rim’s valve stem. Position the tire in a way that the valve stem is projecting from the rim through the valve stem hole.

Step 5: Inflate the tire slightly with an air compressor through the coreless valve stem to seal the tire against the rim. Then stop inflating when the tire makes two popping sounds. Let the tire deflate through the valve stem. This aids in applying the tire bead to the rim.

Step 6: Using a Breezer tool, place the tire bead inside the wheel rim. Rotate the tire alternating as you work on each side of the tire.

Step 7: Install the core into the valve stem, using a valve core wrench tool. Pump up air into the tire to the recommended tire pressure, using an air compressor. Make sure that the distance between the locator line molded into the tire and the rim is even all the way around the tire.

Note: Ensure that you balance the tire by following manufacturer’s directions after replacement.
Valve stems and tubes for tube-type tires, should be replaced every time a tire is replaced.

New tires have a slippery surface therefore, take it easy on your first 100 miles while riding as the tire’s surface provides maximum grip. This also gives you time to adjust to the difference in how the new tires feel compared to the old.

For more information on any issues which were not covered on this article regarding Mounting Motorcycle Tires, feel free to email us and we will reply to your questions.


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