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Music concerts India: DJ Tiesto and many more

by PreetiJagwani

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Musically, the year 2013 has started off on a great note. Music concerts India are on a rise and why shouldn't they be? After all, India is one of the best places to perform with audiences available for pretty much every genre of music.

The last few months have seen some acts that can also be called monstrosities. Artists such as Guns N' Roses, David Guetta, Enrique Iglesias and many more have performed in the country to huge audiences. The last few months have been extraordinary for the electronic dance music lovers. Swedish House Mafia performed in three cities across the country – Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore. All three venues had outstanding turnouts and it was probably one of the best concerts that India has seen. They came, they played and they killed it. Literally. Music has always been a part of the Indian culture. Yes, our roots are Classical and Hindustani based no doubt but people are always on the lookout for newer music. The country also had a few rock n' roll bands to start off with. Bands such as Indus Creed (who were earlier called Rock Machine) and Mirage shook the Indian music circuit with their brand of hardcore and face-melting rock n' roll. Indus Creed delivered hits such as Top Of The Rock and Pretty Child that made them famous all over India and the world. They have even had the pleasure of performing with ex-guitarist of Guns N' Roses, Slash. As more and more western influences entered the nation, the music got better and better. Technology also played a huge role in shaping today's music. Tiesto Delhi concert will rock this time. As technology took giant leaps forward so did music. Bands such as Bjork have very innovative instruments and equipment that blew the mind away of people all across the world.

The new music revolution is now what we know as electronic dance music. It is by far one of the most exciting genres of music that the world has heard. It originally started in small discos and clubs but then went on to become a rage. The best part about EDM is that it amalgamates so many different genres of music. The scope for experimentation in EDM is limitless and artists such as David Guetta, DJ Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia and many more have done brilliant jobs with their unique brand of dance music. Versatility is one thing that is required to be a top-notch dance music artist. After all, people come to go crazy at these concerts.

One of the best news that India has heard in a long time is the news of DJ Tiesto performing in India. The Tiesto music concert will be held in three different cities spanning over three days. DJ Tiesto shall perform in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi on 29th, 30th and 31st of March respectively. The three-city tour is definitely not enough for the Indian EDM-loving audience and it is a surety that the Tiesto tickets India will sell out in no time. After all, he is one the best artists the world has ever seen and he is also considered as the God of trance music.

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