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What Can a RhoMobile App Developer Do For You?

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RhoMobile Suite
Motorola Solutions’ RhoMobile Suite is a powerful cross-platform mobile app development platform. With it you don’t have to create multiple versions of the same mobile app for different devices / operating systems. A single RhoMobile app version will work on any mobile device from any manufacturer. RhoMobile Suite is an award winning application development platform that lets you quickly create apps for any device / operating system such as Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone 7, Windows Embedded Handheld, Windows CE, etc. RhoMobile Suite consists of RhoElements, RhoStudio and RhoConnect that let you create a single version of a technology-agnostic app which works across all device types, screen sizes, and operating systems.

RhoElements, a part of RhoMobile Suite, consists of a powerful cross-platform mobile development framework. The framework provides a robust set of app development tools including the runtime client required on any device running a RhoMobile app. SQLite-support enables local storage and offline capabilities for both hybrid and native HTML5 apps. RhoElements, with its robust OS abstraction and use of open standard technologies, removes limitations that operating systems otherwise place on user interface design. RhoElements offers a versatile set of APIs to help you incorporate any function present on any mobile device into your app, e.g. barcode scanning, Near Field Communications (NFC), printing, file transfer, RFID, location, accessory interfacing, signature capture, etc.

RhoStudio is a powerful Eclipse plug-in which makes cross-platform mobile app development a lot faster and less expensive. Using a single computer, RhoStudio’s full-featured simulator enables you to quickly develop, debug, and test a RhoMobile app targeting multiple operating systems (which can be selected from a drop-down box with choices such as Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc.). Since this eliminates the need to purchase different target hardware platforms for testing, cross-platform mobile app development becomes a lot less expensive using RhoStudio.

RhoConnect creates and manages connections to backend business systems reducing substantial application development effort otherwise required to achieve this. This includes a sophisticated synchronization mechanism to track data to be synced when offline users subsequently connect through Wi-Fi or cellular connection. RhoConnect makes it easy for your app to connect simultaneously to many data sources (e.g. enterprise CRM, ERP, web services, data bases, etc.). In the event of addition of new data fields, your RhoMobile apps are updated by RhoConnect without the need of any programming changes.

Mindfire RhoMobile App Development Services
If you want to do cross-platform mobile apps and need some development help, you can Hire mobile app developers from Mindfire. Mindfire Solutions provides expert RhoMobile app development services along with development services for other popular cross-platform mobile development frameworks such as Titanium, PhoneGap, Corona, etc. The trained, certified, and experienced RhoMobile developers at Mindfire possess a strong track record of developing engaging RhoMobile apps for global clients across multiple industries.

If you have a Mobile app development need or you would like to hire mobile app programmers , please contact us at sales[@] or call 1-248-686-1424. We will be glad to help you.

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