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How to Transform Your Business Using Short Code SMS

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Smartphones are an important part of mainstream technology globally, and is the main reason marketers are reaching out to their target market using SMS. To accomplish this task, short code SMS is growing in popularity.

What is a Short Code?

These codes are special phone numbers that are significantly shorter than regular telephone numbers; and are used to send SMS texts from smartphones, and cell phones. Essentially, it is an abbreviated phone number. With the exploding smartphone market, the latest trend in SMS marketing is emerging, offering a significant benefit to businesses by making it possible to send out one promotional message to thousands of potential clients. Short code marketing delivers the message in the most cost effective way, helping business owners to connect personally with their customers, increasing profits.

For any company wanting to market their services and products via short code marketing, a service provider is used. By using these services customers can be alerted to promotional offers or the launching of new services or products. Due to the convenience and immediate connection of SMS short code marketing, it is quickly becoming the most preferred marketing method.

What is Marketing Using a Short Code?
It is the act of using SMS to allow potential and current customers to carry out numerous actions using their smartphones. On the flip side, businesses and companies can perform these actions or prompt other responses or actions that they want their customers to carry out by using SMS text messaging.

Why use a Short Code?
Along with the convenience, using a short code gives businesses the security of knowing their messages will reach their target customers. This type of marketing is used by Fortune 500 companies such as American Idol and Pepsi.

How to get a Short Code
The easiest way is to sign up for an account with a text marketing company who specializes in SMS marketing. You will then not only be provided with your very own short code, but also step-by-step support on how to use it effectively.

The Benefits of Using an SMS Marketing Company to get a Short Code
There is much more to using a short code than just obtaining the number. By using a service run by experts in the field of text marketing saves time and makes business money. In addition to getting a special number, businesses also receive the following benefits, at an affordable rate:

Reporting and analytics: Businesses receive daily and weekly reports on subscriber opt-ins and opt-outs. As well as how many messages were sent and received via short code.

Advice on how to grow company groups: The more groups, the better the success. To get more subscriber numbers webmasters can place a sign-up widget directly to the company website, to run a contest, promote their social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, or a group promotion.

Give responses automatically: A “bounce back ad” can be created for people subscribing to a business opt-in group. An automated reply can be sent to new subscribers so a business can thank and welcome them, or send them special information such as a coupon giveaway.

Advanced API integration: Is a powerful SMS messaging function for a mobile app or web.

Short Code SMS is offered by TextMarks to businesses and voting systems on televisions. To know more about short code, visit

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