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Barchart Provides Quality Real-Time Trading Stats

by creightonstolarz

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If you are personally or professionally interested in trading commodities, there is a high chance that you will likely want to examine and observe futures quotes and charts. While seasoned investors and trading experts have their own sources for up-to-date comprehensive stock market information, beginners can access several free online sources that provide both delayed and real-time futures charts and quotes.

Ideally speaking, trading professionals prefer the use of real-time statistics and market details. For one, real-time, as the name implies, refers to "real-time" or "at-the-moment" futures that are applicable to the latest trading exploits. On the other hand, delayed quotes refer to those that are 10 to 30 minutes behind or even an hour or day behind real-time prices. For the most part, people utilize only the real-time quotes; however, accessing this type of service is not commonly free of charge, thus it is not uncommon that people resort to the delayed option instead.

Barchart is one of the premium sites that provide real-time information and updates on futures. Its website is an organized one-page format that packs all the important details in just one look. Nevertheless, the site is divided into several pages; each has its own specific topic or feature to discuss and present. On its quotes page, one can view all of the commodity and futures quotes available at the most present time. They are categorically arranged on this page along with the front month contract. One may simply click on any commodity link to access and browse through the extended list of various contract months, as well as quotes for every commodity market.

In addition to the basic content of the website, there are certain links where many additional futures charts and futures quotes can be viewed through technical analysis. Clicking on any chart will let you choose a particular chart field for certain technical studies. What's even more interesting and commendable about the site is its graphics or the lack thereof. Barchart always keeps it simple so that comprehension is easily achieved. Novice and seasoned traders have become loyal users of the site and its remarkable services. What’s better yet is that Barchart is free to anyone who would like to become members of the site. Members have access to expert opinions and articles that can help them make the best decisions concerning the stock market. Check out for more details.


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Creighton Stolarz is a CPA with a penchant for watching the stock market. He often writes about his personal experiences to help others learn more about this fascinating market. For reliable information, Creighton often consults the website, however he is not affiliated with this company in any way.

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