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Reviews How Patients Can Treat Chronic Bad Breath

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In our Bellingham dental office, we recognize that it is important to take the time to get to know our patients.  Dr. Prager and team believe that in order provide optimum care, we must first thoroughly understand our patient’s lifestyles.  When patients visit our office suffering from bad breath, we first look for signs of decay present in the teeth and gums.  We then look to possible changes in routine and lifestyle that may be causing the bad breath.

To help manage bad breath, it is very important to maintain regular brushing and flossing habits.  This action will help keep plaque and tartar at bay. If a patient is still having a difficult time managing bad breath, mouthwash may be added to the routine.  Mouthwash will help kill bacteria that was missed while brushing and flossing, it will also temporarily freshen breath.  

Lifestyle factors can also contribute to bad breath.  The first thing to consider when looking at lifestyle is stress.  When stress is present in the body, the production of saliva actually slows down.  Saliva is extremely important for maintaining fresh breath.  Saliva not only remineralizes dental enamel, it helps to neutralize harmful acid and bacteria.  

Skipping meals and not drinking enough water are other factors that can make breathe start to feel and smell stale.  When we don’t eat regularly and drink enough water, saliva production is reduced.  Sufficient saliva is important because it helps to neutralize odorous bacteria.

Bad breath is certainly undesirable, but it does not have to be inevitable!  Making smart lifestyle choices along with maintaining a regular schedule of personal and professional dental hygiene will ensure that you will get rid of bad breath!  To learn more about the causes of bad breath and arrange for a consultation, give our Bellingham dentist a call.  You may also schedule online!

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