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Formatting Drive and Reinstalling OS Cause Partiti

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Did You accidentally format your computer hard drive to reinstall Windows operating system? Formatting is the process of making your hard drive ready to install an operating system. However, it deletes all the files, directories, volumes, installed applications, and data structures of the hard drive. This process leads to significant partition loss situations and needs Windows Partition Recovery to be sorted out.

Internal Process and Effect of Hard Drive Formatting:

A hard drive partition or logical drive needs a file system for managing data. When you format the hard drive, a file system, such as FAT or NTFS takes control of hard drive. File system creates a section and needed files for data management. The database management on hard drive is a complex task, as it contains millions of sectors and data is never stored in contiguous manner. An index, like MFT (Master File Table) in NTFS and FAT (File Allocation Table) in FAT is required for better management of files and directories.

Once you format the hard drive, file system index is deleted and it becomes clean. The file system assumes that the hard drive is totally new and it begins overwriting the sectors from which the data is deleted. However, the data remains physically intact even after the hard drive formatting, until it is being overwritten by new data.

Why is the Hard Drive Formatting Required?

You may need to format your Windows hard drive, if any of the below conditions are true:


      Operating system is corrupt and you need to reinstall it.

      Hard drive is having serious errors and you want to get rid of them.

      File system of your Windows hard drive is corrupted and the drive is RAW.

      Hard drive is infected by a deadly virus and anti-virus software is unable to remove it.

      Windows boot sector or other critical boot files are missing.

Irrespective the cause of why you need to format the hard drive, it removes all the contents of hard drive. Although, formatting can fix up all the disk related errors and lets you reinstall the operating system, it creates need of Partition Recovery.

You can Recover Partition from your Windows hard drive in a quick, safe, and easy way, through advanced third-party Partition Recovery Software. The software are incorporated with high-end scanning techniques, and thus let you perform absolute recovery in all cases of partition loss.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a powerful and easy-to-use application that insures safe recovery of lost Windows partitions. The software recovers all FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, and NTFS5 file system partitions. It is designed to work with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000.

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