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Effective Water Retention in Large Ponds

by westernliner

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Have you ever imagined of having a beautiful koi pond, waterfall or a water stock at your home or commercial space? It will be beneficial in many ways to you and can contribute to a beautiful ambience.  Concrete can be practical in smaller ponds, however, when the pond is a large size, concrete can be quite costly and may not retain water as effectively as geomembrane, and in some instances, concrete still needs to be lined.

Pond liners can be the most cost-effective solution to water retention in large ponds. These are normally made of impermeable geomembrane that can line any shape or size ponds and can be utilized in many different application such as ponds, lakes, canals among others. Geomembrane liners  are eco-friendly material that prevents water loss at a low cost.  These pond liners can be made of materials as listed below:

1.       EPDM Rubber

2.       Polyethylene

3.       Polypropylene; and

4.       PVC

Safe and Reliable!

These materials are eco-friendly and will not cause any harm to the living organisms in the pond. These pond liners are long-lasting and can last 20 years or so. As long as the liner is installed right, you don’t have to worry about replacing it for a long period of time. These are also available for larger ponds in custom shape and sizes that will easily fit the natural ponds. Pond liners are made of durable materials that will withstand severe climatic conditions like excessive heat, cold etc. These materials combine strength and durability can be highly puncture resistant.

Benefits of Using Pond Liners in Large ponds.

Utilization of pond liners is a tremendous help to saving water. Water can be an expensive commodity when at large quantity. This can make or break productivity in the agricultural industry. The availabilty of irrigation ponds in farms greatly helps in the outcome of agricultural produce. In another note, lined lakes, for instance in golf courses, greatly adds to the beauty of the resort.  A dry pond can be a an eye sore for customers. With geomembrane liners being eco-friendly, it does not eliminate the option of have aquatic animals and plants in the pond. Liner installation can be fairly easy, so long as the liner is custom fabricated and you are given the proper guidance by the pond liner manufacturer.

About the Author:

This Article is provided by Western Environmental Liner, a division of Western Ag Enterprises. Over 60 million square feet of industrial fabrics are converted a year at their manufacturing plants located in Tolleson, Arizona, Great Bend Kansas and Romulus, New York.

Western Environmental Liner has several years of experience working with liners for applications ranging from vapor barrier & Golf Course Liners to Waste Containment liners & Oil Field Liners. Western Environmental Liner serves some of the major companies such as Shell Oil, Raytheon, Cargill, & Motorola.

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