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Eradicating Harmful Critters With Mosquito Control Methods

by maurisegelman

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Professional mosquito control businesses depend on fumigation to end the problem just before it gets larger. You can easily identify fumigation via a huge spray gun, which is sort of like a high end model of your ordinary household mosquito killer. The procedure can do more damage against insects than an aerosol can of Off.

It's not known when the technique of fumigation began, but Merriam-Webster indicated that use of the word "fumigate" happened as early as 1781. The term came from the Latin "fumigare," a mix of the words "fumus" (smoke) and the suffix" - igare" (to drive). Farmers of the 20th century was among the very first users of fumigation methods to safeguard their plants from bugs. Ever since, fumigation has shown to be helpful and money-saving.

Chemical fumigants are widely utilized for the process like methyl isocyanate, formaldehyde and chloropicrin. In the past, methyl bromide was extensively used as a fumigant. But, the signing of the Montreal Protocol in 1987 ordered a complete stop to its use and production due to its contribution to ozone depletion.

It's also essential to note that there are organic fumigants in use. One fumigant is a mixture based on an active substance that can be derived in chrysanthemum extracts, possibly pyrethrin. For mosquitoes, pyrethrin is a strong "nerve gas," hitting the bugs' nervous system by messing with the nerve cells. While researches indicate that it's one of the least hazardous insecticides to mammals, high dosages of pyrethrin may cause trouble in breathing.

Due to the potent health impacts of fumigants, the occupants within the house to be gassed are asked to clear out. For a few minutes, professional mosquito control services apply the fumigant in the form of smoke or vapor, poisoning any mosquito or pest that takes a breath of the gas. As a matter of fact, the service providers have to wear gas masks during the course of the fumigation process. It takes approximately 30 minutes for the gas to finally clear out and make the area safe for humans and pets.

If you wish to know more about fumigation and its effects, a guidebook on fumigation can be found on You can ask a local mosquito control specialist what steps to take before, during, and right after fumigation.

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