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Innovative Features to Be Added In an Online Shopping Cart

by webeveron

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If you are into the business of selling products on through the website, then you require a means to document sales record, customer's contact details, and transaction details, following you can commence the shipment of the product. For carrying out all these processes integrating online shopping cart of the website is a must.


  • Online shopping carts have become so common today; that their importance to ecommerce is somehow.
  • It has to be kept in mind that these modern negotiators of online transactions are the means for developing and fostering Internet commerce.

Thus, it is clear that online shopping cart is a must have for any e-commerce website. In this case innovative features have to be added to the online shopping cart. Given below is a list of innovative features that can be incorporated to the shopping cart design-

  • Micro blogging and social networking websites are an effective means of connecting to people based all across the globe. And today marketers use these as an effective marketing tool for connecting with existing customers, developing more business leads, promote new products and offers. Thus, it is vital that shopping cart designs have simple social bookmarking widgets inaugurated in them.
  • Usability is a prime feature that has to be integrated effectively. Shopping carts usually have an uncontrollable user interface which can lead to bad user experience. Visitors may find it exceedingly problematic to use the numerous tools of the software for they may not comprehend the method to use it. Therefore, it is imperative to offer an easy navigation pattern for adding items to the cart and moving to the payment gateway.
  • It is extremely important that the shopping cart design process is encrypted. This implies that the client's contact and payment details is secured and cannot be stolen by cyber thieves during the transaction procedure. If this is not done then the sales will be very difficult to take off.
  • Shopping cart design ought to offer top class customer support system and make shopping a pleasurable experience for the client. It has to be remembered that even if you have the best set-up in place, technical anomaly can occur anytime. In such a situation you will need technical assistance from the support department and get immediate solutions. Hence, while selecting a shopping cart assess the support aspect.
  • Remember that the online shopping cart is hosted on the cart's server, not on your own server. If you are not tech savvy or do not full-time employees to handle the hassles of hosting a shopping cart, then do not host it on your server.


An online shopping cart design incorporated with the above mentioned features will definitely steer your e-commerce business towards success. Keep in mind, defective software or products can cause permanent damage to your business.


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