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Benefits of Toroidal Transformers for Industrial Purposes

by customcoils1

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A Toroidal Transformer proves efficient for the performance of machines in which it is installed. The design and make of this transformer is different from the rest, expect stability and total control for years to come. Several brands manufacture these transformers according to custom requirement, if you have a specific requirement for a transformer then consider online resources as your partner. Toroidal Transformers are performing since years, their capacity to deliver exceptional control and output remains unchanged.

Benefits of using a Toroidal Transformer:

  • It is small and light than an EI transformer; it ensures easy transportation from the place of manufacturing to place of consumption. Since its light and compact, it is easily movable.
  • It produces less leakage flux if compared to an R-Core transformer or an EI based.
  • An EI type transformer is very noisy during output; at times, the noise delivered is unbearable. The Toroidal on the other hand is completely silent. Yes, expect this transformer to be completely silent during operation.
  • Shape plays an important role in its functioning, it produces less heat, and it is close to nil. Cooling surface is more than any other transformer in this segment.
  • Reliability and quality is at its max, the creation and materials used for toroidal are of better quality, expect products to refine themselves after years of performance.
  • Installation of this transformer is easy, bolt-on mechanism is provided which is easy to install or remove. The bracket system is absent since it weights over limits and is difficult to maintain.


  • Aerospace      
  • Current Transformers
  • Transportation
  • Biomedical
  • Military Subcontractors         
  • Power Supplies
  • Communications / Data Processing   
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Pneumatic Systems    
  • Audio Systems
  • Geophysical   
  • Clock and Timer Circuits


  • Inductors up to 20 amps
  • Current Transformers (CT)
  • DC/DC Switching up to 100 watts
  • Pulse up to 250 KHz
  • Common Mode Choke


  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • PC Mount Bobbin Headers
  • Surface Mount

Additional Features:

  • Optimized performance         
  • Dissipates heat more efficiently
  • Less external magnetic flux   
  • Smallest size by volume/weight
  • Lower winding resistance      
  • Lower leakage inductance
  • Lower winding losses

Guidelines for selecting the right brand:

  • This is one of the difficult tasks that need to be performed when selecting a transformer, ensure the brand has reputation in the market for manufacturing transformers.
  • Negotiate the pricing offered for buying a single unit or multiple units. Bulk purchases yield maximum discounts in return. Check out for offers and online promotion that can help in saving time and money.
  • Installation of the transformer should be performed by the brand itself. Their engineers have greater knowledge in the functioning of these actuators. Check the website for negative comments and testimonials, if you come across any then please refrain from purchasing anything from that brand as you might infer loss.

These are some of the benefits and guidelines associated with Toroidal Transformers. Check online forums for knowing their accurate performance and source of purchase.