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Cedar Board Decking: A Rock Solid Idea

by Abswood

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Wood is certainly the best option when you are planning for furniture. The use of wood in building garden slope, pathway to the main entrance of home is quite common too. Though wood decking is not new but it can always create a new and modern look and can provide proper shape and durability. Exotic Hardwood decking is a popular form of decking composed using lumber, red cedar, composite material, mahogany, teak and many more along with recycled planks. You can use it to create steps, planes and slopes conveniently.

While considering wood decking,Cedar boards are certainly the first choice for the customers who are concentrating both on price and durability. Cedar wood for deck is a wonderful wood to work with. Though cedar wood is mainly used for foot lockers and chest, but timber beams, Cedar Lumber, Shakes and Shingles will serve your purpose. Cedar wood produces timber with long lengths along with straight grains. The uniform texture along with high resistance quality has made it an obvious choice. Moreover, this type of wood provides an insulation value and very light in weight. Thus a perfect cedar boards will provide you some advantages over and above its similar counterparts.

What Is Composite Decking?

The word ‘composite decking’ may be known to you but the meaning and use of such decking may not be known to you. Composite decking is mainly produced combining wood fibers and plastic with a purpose to develop a plank which has a longer lifespan and requires less maintenance than natural wood decking. It is made of several Polymers like polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Additionally, wood flour and additives are used while making it, mainly to provide durability as well as stability. The problems with wood such as shrinking and swelling are not there with composite decking. This ensures peace of mind as with varying weather cycles the decking would not show up cracks.  This decking is the first choice of the builders as they can use and install it like a real wood, in a hassle free manner. Hardwood decking and composite decking will be a good substitute of woods if you are trying to find out one.

It may be a damn tough and tiring job to find a local store that will resolve your wood decking related queries. It is always a great idea to go online and choose a company that offers all these types of decking at an affordable price and also let you know how to choose the best one for your requirement.

About the Author:

Debi Tesiero has been in the wood working business over 30 years. She owned the woodworking shop, Adirondack Crafters Creations, in Upstate New York. She shared her knowledge on TV in Maryland. A few years ago she moved to Florida and managed home construction for a major home builder. Today, Debi is the Sales Manager for ABSWood (Advanced Building Supplies). Debi is a specialist in Brazilian Wood.

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