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London residence for the country’s monarch since 1837

by bradford

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London Victoria is truly special. Named after the all mighty monarch Queen Victoria herself, this district is one to explore. London is a highly demanding city and us Londoners like to get things done quickly and efficiently. The capital isn’t known for taking its time and many locals and commuters don’t have the time to hang around, hence the creation of cockney rhyming slang but for most, unless you are a true Londoner, this language will take up more of your time rather than save it.  Whilst public transport is a wonderful thing, for those who are in no rush and want to take in all this district has to offer, it is recommended to get from A to B by one of the minicabs in Victoria.


In the heart of Westminster, the home to the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Cathedral, there is so much to see in Victoria. Buckingham Palace is exceptionally popular as it is has been the official London residence for the country’s monarch since 1837. ‘’I’m off to London to see the Queen” is what many tourists boast to others. The palace is still very much a working building, and houses the offices of those who contribute to the day-to-day activities and duties of the royal family. As well as the State Rooms open to the public, one of the recent attractions to the palace is the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress exhibition. The sensational wedding was a global hit with two billion people watching worldwide. The dress, shoes and jewels have now been on display for over a year, and has seen over a million visitors throughout the summer months. This exhibition is open between winter months December and February and summer months August to September. The palace is truly breathtaking, there is so much history to learn and art to be admired. You may even be lucky enough to snap a picture of one of the Queen’s Guards.


Unfortunately, London isn’t known for its warm and pleasant weather. Always prepare for the worst when you are exploring around town. Victoria minicabs are the best way to travel in terms of comfort, speed, efficiency and views. Being stuck in the London underground with suitcases and a carriage full of tired and irritable commuters is not a pleasant experience for one who wants adventure. By taking a cab you have a private tour of Victoria at a great price. The area is second nature to London’s cab drivers so you won’t have to experience the dreaded taxi meter multiplying by the second as you sit in traffic. Most London minicabs are cash only so be sure you have enough money in your back pocket at all times. London’s ATM machines now give you the option of withdrawing in cockney rhyming slang or English. Need a speckled hen (£10) and not near a cab rank (Bank) so where do you find some sausage and mash? (Cash).This can cause great confusion if you are one of London’s tourists but is it not part of the adventure? So no matter what you plan to do make sure you make the most of your time here, Victoria has a lot to offer, so much in fact, you won’t be able to stay away for long.


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