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Hisave - Care for Elderly People

by anonymous

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HiSave was started as a social service organization with a vision of protecting the rights and dignities of elderly persons across the country. It provides the various basic needs, emotional and financial support, waiver schemes, shelter, food and over all, medical assistance. If need be, we even provide home elderly care. Our home support for the elderly includes taking personal care of them so that they feel needed. Elderly people are being largely neglected, abused and stripped of all the support by their family nowadays. Families are neglecting them, throwing them in the streets and leaving them in a mental trauma which is very difficult to overcome.

A large majority of the elderly people lacks the emotional support mostly required during the dusk days. They have to go through their insecurities regarding legal issues, health care and financial crisis alone, without anyone to turn to.

The following projects are being evaluated to provide the needed assistance:-

  1. Mobile vans are being patrolled in the locality to provide door to door medical support. Free medicines are being dispatched and regular inspections of health are being carried out by these vans. Complicated cases are referred to various hospitals which have tie up with the HiSave.
  2. Loss of vision due to cataract cripples many aged people. Nearly 1 million people develop this form of impaired vision every year. So we provide free surgeries.
  3. Pensions and funds are being largely snail-paced and this devoid the elderly people of their rights. We at HiSave help to eliminate this ignorant response of the officials.
  4. Education and curriculum are being devised in such a way that social development, human values and ethics are being taught to children. They are sensitized to provide warmth, compassion and benevolence to the elderly people. The SAVE program is one such endeavor on our part which aims to bring the school students under this generous tree.
  5. A large majority of elderly people shiver in cold in the streets, face loneliness and this predicament of living alone attacks them mentally. So shelter and rehabilitation programs are being launched and people are injected with a sense of family, support and emotional sharing.
  6. Illiterate people are being secluded from the society due to their incapability. So basic education are being provided so that they can live with respect, modesty and dignity.

These measures will be futile if people fail to generate the compassion and kindness in their heart. It was started as the first initiative to care for elderly people across the country. Various philanthropists emerged and joined the group to motivate and rekindle the hope among the elders. This aims at adding spark and enthusiasm to life. They are sensitive beings who have seen the world more than we have done. These veteran people are capable of living life with utmost dignity but they just need our tender and kind assistance.

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