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Online Portfolio: Best Way To Create A Photo Portfolio

by pixpadesign

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Creating an online photo portfolio is a great way to improve your business. Everyone uses the internet to search for photographers these days, and everyone loves to look at and compare different photographer’s work before they settle on someone to shoot their wedding, headshots, or other special event.

Don’t use a standard photo hosting service

Don’t use a photo hosting service that everyone else uses. Although you will have your images out front and center on your photo stream, your control over them ends there. Image hosting services often put clauses in their small print that gives them the right to use or share your work in any way they chose - without paying you for the image. Not only that, but it’s easy to steal images off of these sites to be passed off as the thief's work - taking credit away from where it is due.

Host them on your own server

Instead of relying on a third party, you should host them on your own server and upload them to your website. You can use HTML5 to create an interactive display for your work that will load fast and be ultra-reliable, as well as easy to upload. Flash websites are another option. Though harder to upload to, they are potentially safer because of the way they embed the photos into the flash code, preventing theft of your work.

Curate your work first

Before you upload everything willy-nilly, you should step back and see what work you have to offer the world. Select images for your portfolio by looking at them critically and choosing only the very best of what you’ve got. It’s better to put fewer higher-quality images up online than it is to put everything and have it all be crap. You should display between 25 and 40 photos for the best impression on potential customers.

Organize your website

If you shoot a lot of different things, be sure to organize your website to make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. Brides don’t want to see lots of landscapes when searching for images of the weddings you’ve done. Create an organized website to help put your customers’ minds at ease about what you can offer them.

Share the back story for each image or event

People love to know how images were taken, and they love to get to know the person taking the photos. You can do both of these things by including a small caption about how you took the picture and when or where you took it. You can also create a photo blog of all your work, so that you can write more extensively about your process. People will enjoy the extra effort you put into trying to make them feel more at ease and letting them get to know you through the computer screen.

You can create an excellent photo portfolio for your website with a little thought and love. Be careful about what photos you include, and make it easy to find photos of different types. Your customers will also appreciate any extra effort you put into getting to know them, such as by blogging about your work.

Pixpa lets you to create online portfolio website for photographers,artists and designers in order to let them showcase, share and sell their work online.


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