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Men’s Designer Shirts from Luxury French Designer Franck

by urunique

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Looking for a new men’s designer shirt that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd?  Interested in European or French shirts that your friends will envy?  Check out Parisien designer Franck Michel’s new collection of men’s luxury shirts at is a new entry into the European luxury dress shirt market and is the exclusive North American retailer of Franck Michel’s diverse lineup of stylish dress shirts. 

Franck Michel is a well-known designer in France and indeed throughout Europe.  The designs of Franck Michel often feature novel features that are meant to differentiate their shirts from those of the competition.  These features often include double collars and unique button patterns, as well as colorful fabric choices.  In fact, Franck Michel have patented some of their unique high end features such as the “watchband French cuff”, a Franck Michel original design that uses a loop of luxury leather, resembling a watch band, in place of a traditional French cuff.   In the world of men’s designer shirts you won’t find a more innovative designer than Franck Michel.  Each season they strive to improve their line and provide their customers with new concepts and styles that capture the imagination. have entered a partnership to be the sole distributor of Franck Michel merchandise in the United States.  However, if you live elsewhere in the world, can serve your needs, as they deliver to locations across the globe.  The shirts start at $99 and range up to $179 depending on the amount of details in the design.   For instance, the Alexis Blue Stripes is on sale for $99 while the recently released luxury shirt Reverso Lavender retails for $159.  These relatively high prices reflect both the originality and stylish nature of the design as well as the high end cotton used in each and every one of the shirts.  When you buy a Franck Michel shirt you are paying not only for a fashion shirt but also a luxury piece of European clothing that will wear differently than dress shirts you may be used to. refreshes their offerings with the seasonal releases from Franck Michel so there are often new men’s luxury shirts available to their discerning customers.  Additionally, they carry many of the designs in multiple colors, so whether you are looking for a shirt that’s white, black, blue or even pink you’ll be able to find just what you desire in many styles that will intrigue you, and capture the attention of those around you. 

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