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One- British Christmas traditions

by NorrisJordan

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Christmas is an event celebrated by millions
of people all over the world. You only have to look at the growing number of
atheists and peoples of other faith to see that it is slowly becoming more of a
universal phenomenon than a Christian one. Whilst some might find this to be a
terrible thing, others are rejoiced in such an open and inclusive holiday. It’s
one where everyone, from British escorts in London to Korean bankers in Seoul,
can feel part of a larger community. This diverse approach to christmas, that
encourages people to celebrate in their own way, is one that brings with it a
lot of interesting little habits and traditions. Very few people know much
about the British traditions because they have been slowly subsumed in the
general view of the holiday, but there are still some very unique ones.

1. Mugga
Up until the last century, it was traditional for people in the
North of England to have a bowl of Mugga on christmas eve. Mugga is a strange
porridge like concoction, sweetened with honey or brown sugar. It’s a habit
that has its roots in the Viking occupation of England, and is very similar to
a dish that still frequents the dining tables of Northern Europe.

2. Kissing Bough
The kissing bough is an enduring tradition that is still seen
around the country, although its presence seems fleeting and the younger
generations seem to have no idea what they are. A kissing bough is an evergreen
sphere, decorated with ribbons and charms and placed just inside the front
door. It serves the same purpose as the more ubiquitous mistletoe, which is
where the kissing part of its name comes from. These days, they’re rarely seen,
except as a crafty way to steal a kiss with a British escort.

3. Father Christmas
Contrary to what many people believe, Santa Claus and Father
Christmas are not the same thing. They have slowly merged and they are
virtually synonymous but the british Father Christmas was once very different.
He was not a jolly, fat elf all of the time. His belly would rumble with mirth
and laughter and he congratulated good children when he gave them their
presents. His reaction to bad children however, was rather less nice. He would
scold and admonish them, make sure that they were keeping up with their
biblical studies and schoolwork, give them lumps of coal if he was unimpressed.
At one point, he was even divine, a mythical figure associated with winter and

4. The Queen’s Speech
A uniquely British event, the annual addressing of the nation is a
tradition that is embraced throughout the commonwealth and can trace its
history back throughout the years. It seems to be becoming less and less
relevant every year though, and most men would rather enjoy some time with some
British escorts than a lecture from a constitutional monarch.

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