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Taking a look at the new professional NYC escorts

by Markray

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That the escort business has undergone dramatic changes cannot be gainsaid. Today’s professional escort has evolved into a sophisticated entrepreneur, socialite and party girl, all rolled into one. This transformation has been accelerated by changing technology and the emergence of an affluent clientele willing to pay premium rates for high class escort services. Just a few decades ago NYC escorts were considered to be no different from prostitutes and other commercial sex workers. People did not really bother to differentiate between escorts and ordinary sex workers because the line distinguishing the two was very thin.


Nevertheless, a new class of NYC escorts has arisen and it is doing everything to distance itself from other women of pleasure. In fact, the escort industry has diversified to the extent that escorts can now be classified according to their extract. We therefore have Asian escorts, Latina escorts, European escorts, and so on, in New York. NYC escorts also designate themselves according to the services they offer. You can for example find non sexual escorts who strictly don’t offer any sexual services or VIP escorts who only accompany VIPs on dates and to other social functions.


To illustrate the manner in which escorts are morphing you can consider the modern New York Asian escort. New York men have developed a particular liking for Asian escorts because of their great beauty and charming personalities. A New York Asian escort in keeping with modern trends considers her escorting service to be a serious profession that deserves and requires care and diligence in its execution. There is money to be made in this business and the general rules of commerce apply here. She without doubt understands that satisfied customers will return in future and they will bring other men along. New York Asian escorts will therefore leave nothing to chance when they are working with their clients. They approach clients professionally and observe all the requisite etiquette. To ensure that they are always well organized these escorts will most likely use gadgets like PDAs to plan their appointments.


New York Asian escorts are however not all work and no play. They are very outgoing and fun loving ladies which makes them the perfect dates at parties. There are indeed clients who just hire them for their company in social places to take advantage of their beauty and intelligence.


NYC escorts are certainly not lagging behind the technology trends. They are taking advantage of every opportunity they can find to reach out to more customers. Escorts now market themselves through colorful websites and the social media. Contacting a New York Asian escort is as such now remarkably easy and you can even see her picture on the web before you call.




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