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Blade center HS22 is the new server technology

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These days, many people are dependent on technology to perform different activities. Technology is the essential trend for all organizations, especially for IT industry. IT sector has many business streams such as software development, IT support, business process outsourcing and many other services. According to these streams, they develop a huge amount of data, which needs to be stored securely. As the IT business is increasing, data is also increasing. Most of the IT organizations are facing intricacy with the data storage problems. They have limited capacity in their servers, which cannot store and maintain large amount of data. Usually, most of the organizations have already implemented those traditional servers and they don’t deem to change them. But, the traditional servers have limited capacity and cannot cope with up the business requirements.

In today’s technological world, most of the companies are working hard to implement new trends to enhance their business requirements. Blade server technology is one of the new trends, which can offer high availability services with high performance. Bladecenter HS22 is developed under this technology to provide high speed processing power. These are specially designed for small and midsized enterprises and these are cost effective. These are also designed with two memory processor, USB connector, two hot swap drive, Intel, Xeon 5500 and 5600 series processors, Intel 5520 chip set, two ports of CIOv slots, four ports of CFFh slot and many other specifications. These are having standard and express models with chassis support.

These are called as system servers as it can tune and optimize the workloads to produce high performance. HS22 can manage 4-cpre and 6-core processors to provide high speed processing power and increase the business productivity. These are designed with multiple processors, network controllers, input and output ports, memory DIMM sockets and many more. These servers have system management component to manage the vast data in one disk. HS22 can support multiple operating systems like SUSE Linux, Red hat enterprise Linux, Solaris, UNIX, Microsoft windows, VMware and many more. Blade servers can also support various software applications, programs, business platforms and more.

These days, most of the organizations are implementing these BladeCenter HS22 servers, as these are cost effective and provide high-speed processing power to increase the efficiency. These are available in hardware companies and you can also buy them online. These systems come with three to four years warranty depending on their specifications and requirements.

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