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Bisexual escorts in Manchester make perfect party partners

by anonymous

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The big christmas do is a prime opportunity. Yes, there’s no time of year when it’s easier to offend your colleagues, ruin your career and tell you boss what you really think of him. When the alcohol gets flowing and the tongues grow looser, it’s easy to become a little...disruptive. Emotions are flying high: you’re hyped for the party, green eyed with jealousy at the coworker who seems to have brought of the most stunning bisexual escorts in Manchester with him, sad at your own dateless-ness, confused thanks to the 5 glasses of wine you’ve already demolished. You really don’t want to screw up here, but you know something will go wrong.

You pray to god that it won’t be anything to do with a cosy rendezvous between your behind and the photocopier. That old cliche hasn’t gone away yet, despite everyone knowing how terrible an idea it is and having seen countless times what will happen. It’s a bit of a cyclical event now: every year someone does it, and so its become part of the institution of the party. Of course, when you do it, it’ll be hilarious and original and there’s no way the pictures will be passed around after the festive period and you’ll want your chair to be swallowed up by darkness because the shame will be so intense. When has that ever happened to anyone?...

Or maybe you’re going to be the guy that makes out with the colleague in the toilet. The one who makes all that awkward grunting. Don’t do it. Everyone will find out. Everyone will know. Everyone will giggle, and whisper, and gossip. You’ll never live it down. Every time you see her in the office, you’ll have to look away. Don’t do it, don’t be that guy.

So you’re keeping your hands to yourself, that’s a good start. The next step will be to avoid any inappropriate conduct with anyone else. This can include: sobbing to the IT guy about your breakup, jumping into other people’s conversations as you walk past, telling your boss how lonely you are as she pats you tentatively on the back and slowly moves away. Again, no. There is no reason to do this. Any solace you find will soon be replaced by utter embarrassment. If you need a shoulder to cry on or a hand to hold, call one of the finest bisexual escorts in Manchester, like the ones you saw your colleague with earlier. She’ll be more than happy to listen; your work mates will be noticeably less keen.

Finally and, don’t drink too much! You may have noticed that all the faux pas above involve a lack of social boundaries and a willingness to spill your secrets to anyone in the nearby vicinity. Alcohol will have this effect on you. It’s also likely to leave you throwing up in the taxi, being kicked out onto the pavement, and apologising profusely to your friends as you’re all forced to trek home after paying a hefty fine to the irate driver. Don’t be the one who’s making all these mistakes, be the guy who’s cool as cucumber, slowly enjoying a drink and smiling as you watch other idiots make fools of themselves.

Don’t say you weren’t warned...


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