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Solar Announces Jazzmatazz

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Acclaimed Platinum  Producer Solar Announces Jazzmatazz Tour and Album on the way. Rapper Producer Solar wants his fans to know the wait will soon be over for the highly anticipated Jazzmatazz Project. He wants everyone to know that this is his major priority for 2013. He goes on to Say Guru's legacy will be well served, and his legions of fans will be rewarded for their Love, support and Loyalty. They can Follow the Progress on Solar's .Hip-Hop has historically existed as a male-dominated industry. Being a reflection of urban life and struggle, past Hip-Hop artists have been forced to maintain a certain level of masculinity in order to be accepted by their urban communities. Old school rappers who talked about love were often viewed as soft or corny. Because of this perception, the existence of love in Hip-Hop is a fairly new concept.As the movement has gained support and recognition throughout the world, love has become an increasingly common theme in Hip-Hop music and poetry. Jazzmatazz  However, the taboo still exists. Even today, Hip-Hop artists and poets present their love stories in a manner that allows them to maintain socially acceptable identities. Hip-Hop stories about love must still meet the masculine ideology in which the movement is rooted in order to be perceived as real and true.The purpose of this study is to analyze Hip-Hop love narratives and how artists present these love stories in order to construct socially acceptable identities. I believe personal narratives are closely tied to the construction of identities. It is through personal narratives that people can recount life-changing events, realize socially acceptable behavior and create individual identities.I have researched and studied several Hip-Hop love songs and analyzed the lyrics as text and poetry. In my research  Announces Jazzmatazz, I have found five common narrative forms used by Hip-Hop poets to tell their love stories: contrasting, perceptual, spiritual, conversational and metaphoric. These five narrative forms are used not only to present the story correctly, but also to maintain positive perception among a society that might view this sensitivity as weak or disrespectable. I plan to demonstrate each of these narrative forms and show how the poets use them to tell their love stories while establishing acceptable identities.The Contrasting NarrativeOne of the most common forms of Hip-Hop love stories is the contrasting narrative. Many artists use Hip-Hop music and poetry to tell stories about the negativity surrounding their urban environments. The contrasting narrative allows the poet to express his or her love story as a contrast to this negativity while constructing an acceptable identity because that negativity is real and understood in urban communities.A great introductory example to the contrasting narrative would be the following passage from Method Man's "All I Need":Back when I was nothin'You made a brother feel like he was somethin'That's why I'm with you to this day boo no frontin'Even when the skies were grayYou would rub me on my back and say "Baby it'll be okay"In this song, the poet uses the contrasting narrative to show his love for someone who stood by him when "skies were gray." He speaks of his love interest as someone who helped him get through troubled times, thus providing a positive contrast to his negative surroundings.Another example of the contrasting love narrative can be seen in this passage from Guru's "All I Said":This world is crazy, she's supposed to help me stay saneSupposed to help with the pain, supposed to help me maintainIn this song, Guru uses the contrasting narrative to share his view of what love should be. He admits that his "world is crazy", and that his love interest is the one person who can make it bearable.In "She Tried", Bubba Sparxx uses the contrasting narrative to tell a story that actually recalls his love being there for him when he was in trouble with the law:A fly country girl, just workin' them giftsShe's my queen, was a virgin I guessBut I ain't never ask and I ain't never tellBut Betty had the cash every time I went to jailThis song further illustrates the use of contrasting narratives to express love. Though the poet confesses spending a lot of time in jail, Betty was always there to bail him out, again acting as a positive contrast to his troubles.The Perceptual NarrativeAnother common narrative form of Hip-Hop love stories is the perceptual narrative. Like the contrasting narrative, the perceptual narrative is based around the negativity that surrounds the poet's life. But instead of presenting this love as a contrast to that negativity, the poet uses this narrative to explain how that love changed his or her previously negative perceptions. This narrative form also allows the poet to construct a socially acceptable identity due to the acknowledgement of the negativity of urban life.In "Jazzy Belle", Andre of Outkast uses the perceptual narrative to tell of how his love changed his former perception of women:Went from yellin' crickets and crows, witches and hoes to queen thangsOver the years I been up on my toes and yes I seen thangs...


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