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Watch HD AVI/MKV movies on Google Nexus 10 with video player

by lisa198754

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Nexus 10 is the newest tablet from Google. This 10-inch tablet has garnered a lot of attention since it’s released. The one reason may thanks to its world’s highest resolution 2650x1600 tablet display, clocking in at 299 pixels per inch. However, from searching, I knew some users met some troubles video players of N10. To enjoy HD movies, users download some video players to Nexus 10, but the video players don't work well with all common videos. Below are four typical problems.

1. About Nexus 10 Video Player

Will it support all file formats as Samsung products does or will it be the default jelly bean video player?

2. VLC won't play .avi movie on Nexus 10

Can someone post the correct way of how to play files in VLC on Nexus 10 tablet?

3. MKV Video Player/Browser can play MKV but...Needs codec.

I download the MKV Video Player for my Nexus 10, it can play MKV but needs codec still. Ads/spams your butt, even when it is closed... I don’t like it running processes in the background and checking for things without my permission.

4. Does video player plays really “smooth” on Nexus 10?

I have tried several players (MX, Dice, BS, QQ), but only MX and QQ do hardware acceleration and none of them plays really smooth. For testing, I used a 720p 24fps Blu-ray rip which plays smoothly on my Galaxy Nexus using MX, but not 1080p. On the N10 it's only “almost” smooth, it looks a bit like if it cannot update the screen fast enough (maybe because of the resolution).

From the above user problems, we can make a conclusion that VLC, MKV Video Player, MX Player, Dice Player, BSPlayer, etc are all the proper video players for common video smooth playback on Nexus 10, but for AVI, MKV or some high resolution 1080p movie files, none of the video players can play these flies smoothly as you expect. In fact, the video players can not always bring smooth video playback on Nexus 10.

How to get smooth movie playback on Nexus 10?

To get any video to Nexus 10 for enjoying, we recommend you to convert video to Nexus 10 format, most compatible H.264 MP4 video, with the best proper video size and bitrate.

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