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Alloy Wheels at 4x4 Tyres

by chunkyjunkie

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The only reason why most individuals install alloy wheels in their vehicles is to bring an aesthetic change and to add to its attraction. However, many do not realize the various technical aspects for which you might consider installing alloy wheels to your vehicle. A large number of vehicles these days have standard steel wheels installed in them mainly due to the reason that they are rather inexpensive even though there are several car manufacturers who realize the demand for alloy wheels and even allow you the option of installing alloy wheels in your new car for an added price.


There are several advantages of installing alloy wheels in your vehicle. The first and most important advantage is that alloy wheels help to reduce what vehicle owners know as the “unsprung weight” of the wheels. The unsprung weight is basically the weight of the various components of the wheel including the tyre, brakes, bearings and spindles. Car experts recommend that the unsprung weight of  the wheels should be at a minimum level in order to optimize the contact between your vehicle with the road surface. Therefore, alloy wheels can be very helpful in this regard. Apart from that, the heavier your wheel is, the more energy it would require to accelerate. Since alloy wheels reduce the “unsprung weight”, therefore, your car would consume less energy in increasing the speed and reducing it, therefore, the fuel consumption of your car would also be reduced. Another reason why you would want to install alloy wheels is because of the impact they would have on the performance of the brakes. Alloy wheels help to disperse the buildup of heat in your vehicle at a much quicker pace due to their design. This feature helps to reduce the risk of a brake failure while helping to increase the useful life of the system. There are several more benefits of installing alloy wheels in your vehicle such as the fact that you would be able to install wider tyres together with those tyres which have a lower profile.


As mentioned above, alloy wheels can be rather expensive, but with 4x4 Tyres, you can easily find alloy wheels for sale on a periodic basis. While a lot of us would be interested in installing them in our vehicles, but get turned off because of their prices. At these sales, you can easily find cheap alloy wheels in accordance with your requirements and needs.  4x4 Tyres has been operating in the European and North American markets for over 15 years now and specializes in 4x4 tyres for vehicles of different models.

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