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Getting the West Ham tickets for the season is harder

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he popular West Ham soccer team is the east of London’s sole contenders in the London Premier League tournaments. Football game lovers across the world love to see the games played by West Ham and their well known rival Millwall team from the same region. During such formidable encounters getting the West Ham tickets for the stadium is not an easy task for the game lovers.

West Ham United is the name which is considered to be one of the most legendary football teams in the history of English soccer. The famous West Ham United was started in 1895 and it was called in the olden days as West Ham. The club was originally called as Thames Ironworks by the local fans of the olden era. The great team used to play the soccer at Upton Park, which is considered to be one of the legendary stadiums in the entire Europe.The great Upton Park can hold over 50000 football fans at a time. The West Ham club was not managed successfully as done by the clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea. However the club has a fair share of success throughout its history.

Uniqueness of the West Ham soccer team

It is interesting to see the winning combinations of the West Ham team. During the past Barcay’s English Premier League, the West Ham soccer team has barely managed to reach the top half of the table and kept its rank in the tenth place in the league. It has the closes place when the team has reached the fifth place in the 1998-1999 London Premier seasons. However when it comes to winning the FA cup titles the West Han is totally a new and different team. In the history of the club, West ham has won three FA titles during the years 1964, 1975 and in 1980. The club has managed to reach the finals on several occasions. West Ham has a record of winning the European Competition only once during the year 1965.

Though the West Ham is not considered to be a strong team, the club is well known for its youth academy. Perhaps this could be one of the factors that attract more fans and football game lovers across United Kingdom. In spite of its struggle to play in the league, West Ham is still considered to be one of the best soccer teams in the world. This unique feature has to do with the fact that West Ham soccer team plays in the Barclay’s English Premier, which is one of the best soccer league in the globe. It is this overall performance that makes the West Ham tickets to sell faster than the other soccer clubs.

People gets craze to witness the matches played by the well known West Ham soccer team at London. Getting the West Ham tickets seems to be a daunting task for the fans all over London. For booking in advance one can log in to well before the season starts in 2013.

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