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Animals In Circuses: End This Cruel Archaic Industry

by anonymous

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This does not eliminate the fact that animals enslaved in Ringling Bros. are abused, exploited and suffering.


The overwhelming evidence and documentation of the abuse animals endure in Ringling Bros. service, as well as the $270,000 settlement fine paid by Ringling Bros. for violations of the Animal Welfare Act - the largest ever assessed to an animal exhibitor by the USDA - is irrefutable. Bros. dismissed this “settlement” as “the cost of doing business.” Kenneth Feld, CEO of Feld Entertainment, testified under oath that his trainers routinely hit elephants with bullhooks, whip them, and use electric prods on them. He even admitted to witnessing this.


Animals in circuses and traveling shows are subject to inhumane confinement: lions and tigers are housed in cramped cages, majestic elephants are shackled and chained in trucks and train box cars; training methods utilize violence, fear, and intimidation to make animals perform ridiculous unnatural stunts. For the few minutes you see animals“performing” they suffer a lifetime of misery. Not only is the physical abuse appalling, but the deprivation of any natural behaviors, choices and instincts is cruel.


Countries around the world, as well as municipalities in the United States, have partial or full bans on circus with animals. The Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, H.R. 3359, is a bill extremely vital to the lives of these animals, to ending this cruelty and ensuring the safety of the public. This federal bill would amend the Animal Welfare Act to restrict the use of exotic and non-domesticated animals in circuses and traveling shows.


The more knowledgeable the public becomes about the suffering of circus animals and the serious safety issues involved with using dangerous animals in performances, the less inclined they will be to support, promote, employ and attend circuses that abuse and exploit animals. If we all make a more informed and compassionate choice we can end this abuse and cruelty.


Instead of glorifying this archaic animal abusing institution let's work towards ending the suffering of these magnificent animals.