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24 million = 80 million! Manchester united cantona! Robin va

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"Love is a righteous man!" Thursday's "marca" on alonso made a sincere compliment, the paper revealed the Basque quarter in a new show again an example power, real Madrid are willing to extend his agreement for two years, but alonso but as long as 1 year, he will see his state to decide whether to sign contract with real Madrid more long. In addition, alonso also didn't ask for a raise,cheap soccer jerseys because last year, real Madrid he didn't ask for a raise in the case have to he added a salary.


Xabi alonso is jose mourinho in valuable assistants of the court, the Portuguese coach real hope in him during can always have the Basque red beard. Jose mourinho and real Madrid contract until 2016, he told xabi alonso, continue to 2016 plan have he. Jose mourinho apparent alonso for yourself on the pitch extension. If cristiano ronaldo to real Madrid because goals has become the most decisive character word, that alonso in real Madrid's influence is also absolutely not underestimate. Alonso's biggest role, is the real offense and prevent organically fuses in together, defense, he and defensive players together to opponents, offensively, he is a real depth attack guarantee.


Jose mourinho has praised: "xabi alonso is a metronome, whether on the lawn or in the locker room, his position is more and more high." Valuable is that xabi alonso in the field is always unknown, but always can let his teammates yi yi is unripe brightness, alonso and real Madrid contract until 30 June 2014 is over, the club to think, now and his contract while at the same time, the club of his value also proved that he is an important member of the team.


In 2009, alonso from Liverpool for 27 million euros ($) transfer, and signed for real Madrid for five years. Since then although there is no extension of contract, but the club in the last year has given him a raise, this let alonso will know how to be grateful. This time, the club hope and his contract until 2016, but alonso said, or to contract until 2015 as well, because the state how to is not yet known, if the status is not good, the for the club is a white elephant, he didn't want to do such irresponsible. In addition, he didn't ask for the club to give him a raise. Annual salary, Harvey alonso now for 4.5 million euros, less than cristiano ronaldo, kaka, casillas, e JiEr and this ze horse these players.


It is reported, the introduction of Harvey alonso is eph raglan he personal ideas, real Madrid President in no doubt the Spanish midfielder is one of the best in the world, can never miss, and had to spend 27 million euros in now the real super value. Eph raglan he has been looking forward to have a both on and off the pitch is young players, fans and an example of the opponent players, so that players can resist pressure at the critical moment, alonso accord with all his requirements. Xabi alonso is certainly one of the real long-term plans and rich experience and professional basques, can maintain the stability of the team and help young team growing. He has been the team untouchable.


Alonso is not under the condition of contract with real Madrid, recent rumours that Liverpool football club hope buyback alonso, while Liverpool fans were very miss the Basque iron waist. However, he is a real Madrid and the fact that the rumours that do not depend on spectrum. Alonso will continue to stay at real Madrid. He's going to be the future will one day return to the royal society, hope to be able to hang up his boots in there, but now he is in his career maturity, eager to can continue to win important honor.

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